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FOTD: Much Doge, So Egg

Hmm? What is that peculiar shiny pendant over there!
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Video Tutorial: Jungle Smokes

A new palette kind of feels like a grown up version of a new box of crayons doesn’t it. Only it’s not that grown up really, it still involves coloring! And that’s fine!
I’ve been happily embracing this inner child during a bleeped up week of moving mess. It’s never the moving itself that’s most stressful I think.. it’s the hassle beforehand!!
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How To Apply Those Lashes!

Good day to you, lad or lass!
A while back I made a post on the different types of lashes and how they rate on the frustration scale. But since Paula is having an issue with conniving lashes at the moment I thought i’d do a video on it as well!
fake lashes before after

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Freeman Anti-Stress Mask

As soon as things start simmering down at work, there’s nothing that feels better to me than
– freshening up in the shower

– enter awesome lounge pants

– slapping on an uplifting  face treatment

– getting yourself a tasty drink (Turkish tea at the moment, hmmm..)

– waiting for the magic to happen while watching a show / playing a game ’cause you got the time!
After a week of not taking care of my skin so much I really notice the build-up of black spots. As fellow sensitive / extremely oily skinned people will concur, our skin throws hissy fits when it feels left out.
So really: what better way to show you whether a mask works or not than on a day like that. Here goes!
This time I went for a Freeman anti-stress mask with dead sea minerals. Oh and it’s supposed to purify and clean your pores as well. And replenish moisture.
A 1000-in-1 mask! Quite the promise.
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FOTD: Grave Dancer

This week is going to be balls hard at work – hence my new shoes aren’t going to get much wear! Noooo! But nothing stopping us from experimenting with awesome make-up after hours though.
Even if it IS just to watch My Name Is Earl at home with my giant Ursula mug full of Turkish tea (yum). It’s fine!
(I recently got hold of some delicate intel that suggests other women do this as well so that makes me feel less silly about that habbit hehe.)
The look here shall be a tribute to my pretty new Grave Dancers collecting dust! Amen!

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FOTD: Inglot is golden (thin pencil liner technique)

Hello thar! My workweek starts again tomorrow so I grabbed my camera for a quick video using the shadows from my parade look last weekend!
Thanks for all the sweet comments on that make up! It’s pretty much insanely easy, only using two brushes in the process.
That’s them, my Bdellium 776 and a Clinique dense angled brush from ages back.

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Playtime: Graphic Stripey Yellow

Wohoo! No work today so I played around with the third yellow eye last night. A bit of a graphic one this time.
Easy enough one because as you see from the major bags (*salute* major bags) in the video I was tired as a sloth.
Yeah, excuse the constant looking around, there were SO many eerie noises in the building!
I’m a master derp in scary situations – if this were scary movie I swear i’d be he one picking the banana instead of the gun.

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