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Review: My Pretty Zombie Noxious Agents

First off, DING!
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Serious Inglot Haul

So Inglot had a wee sale.
HAHAHAHA *flames of glory* (`∇´)ψ
Inglot Haul
Pleases the soul.
From l to r: DS 478, 371, 415, 315, 67, matte 377, 66:
Inglot blue eyeshadow
Once again: AMC shine 16, 477, 384, 385, 316, DS 504
Inglot yellow eyeshadow
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Review: My Pretty Zombie Brisket

With 9 more MPZ shadows on the way, I figured i’d swatch the second one in my collection already!
Brisket baby.
mpz swatches
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TER: Anthrax

And I shall name thee tiny eyeshadow rave!
May I introduce you to Anthrax:
my pretty zombie my pretty zombie
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FOTD: Perfectly Imperfect

I was chatting with a girlfriend this week and all of a sudden we entered the make-up realm (however did that happen?).
We both agreed that not-so-perfectly applied eyeshadow can look ten times more modern and cool than a perfectly applied 6-shade eye look!
Seeing as I don’t have a million brushes here with me that seemed like the perfect mantra the next morning.
Ik was aan het tetteren met een vriendin deze week en plots kwamen we terecht bij make-up (hoe is dat nou weer gebeurd?).
We waren het beiden eens dat niet-zo-perfecte oogschaduw er soms tien keer cooler en moderner uitziet dan een perfect aangebrachte 6-kleurige ooglook.

Gezien ik geen miljoen borstels bij me heb hier leek dat de perfecte mantra de volgende ochtend!
I picked Illamasqua’s Berber for the lid!
Ik koos Illamasqua’s Berber voor het ooglid!
illamasqua red
illamasqua red
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Black Radiance: Urban Jungle

I got a package and its name is awesome!
Nonpareil sent me another palette, and this time it actually reached me! Nothing short of a miracle.
Apparently packages randomly vanish where I live, someone else here is having good fun with this palette as well!
(They sent this to me to create a look with it, though as you know i’ll show you the quality of this palette straight up, no applying it wet or with primer, no one likes cheats.)
black radiance swatches
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Current Weirdest Lippies

Let’s talk odd!
No. Every single time.
This is a serious bug in my system because of Doctor Who. It’s so ood.
Moving on!
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