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Top 5 Spa Waters

There’s something about a jug of infused water in the fridge.
Maybe it’s the colors.
Maybe it’s the sound of crushed ice in a long drink glass.
Maybe it’s the fact that it’s hyped and everyone’s doing it and I feel part of a bigger purpose in this universe when I brew my own magical happy potions.
At any rate, here’s my fav ones!
(Put each of these in the fridge for a good 4-6 hours to achieve full flavor powarrrr!)
1. Mint & Citrus: herby and sharp
Add your ice, your stuff, your liquids and gulp!
Spa water citrus
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8tea5: Strawberry Popping Boba

Enterrrr the noms! But first let me pull out the wictionary.
Traditional boba are tapioca “pearls” used in a drink called Bubble Tea, which is from Taiwan. The tapioca pearls are gummy little additions that people slurp up large straws in their sweetened tea.
Popping Boba
Popping boba aren’t the traditional tapioca balls of bubble tea. In fact, they aren’t chewy at all, and they have a very thin outer membrane that bursts sweet liquid as soon as you bite into them.
Okido! Well a bubble tea bar here in Antwerp has recently started selling their popsters to-go, curiosity made me do it.
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What red to choose

Okay SO, i’ve actually come to terms with my new haircolor.
I might even like it, but shhh..

It’s so easy to work with, and I don’t like sick trailer trash when my hair is wet.
Which is good.

Now i’ve been reading up online lately, educating myself on what color I *should* be going for, and here’s what I found.
Remember that they’re general guidelines, so do as you please!

It all depends on skintone:
The lighter you are, the more an orangy light shade will blend in, to not pale you out.
The darker you go with your hair, the paler you will appear.

  • Fair skin:

Warmer shades look great.
So red and orange undertones, no purple reds!

Strawberry blonde will work well, or in any case a lighter shade of red. That way the dye won’t overpower your complexion.

That being said, I personally love it when the red is a tad more vibrant.
If anything I think it contrasts with a fair complexion nicely!

Then again I love seeing pale skin..

Here’s Christina Hendricks with two shades of red:


The first is a very light orange, the second one is a midtone red that she technically shouldn’t be going for according to the rules, and makes her need a little more blusher.
However the second’s my fav!

Here’s another great lady, Alyson Hannigan demonstrating how dark hair makes you look paler:


Just consider whether you mind looking pale or not.

  • Medium skin

Then for medium skin the general rule is that you can go more vibrant and dark, don’t go too light.
The warm reds still work best, so again look for red or orange undertones, no purple.

Here’s Draw Barrymore:

strawberry blonde

On the first pic she’s wearing a strawberry blonde, which works but is really light for her medium skintone.

Then here’s Ashlee (whom I really don’t care for but oh well!):


Again her medium skin handles the vibrant red just awesome, ah what the heck let me just put this in bold: medium skins are lucky!

  • Darker skin

Cool-toned reds look great on darker skintones!
So away from the orange, and onto the violet and dark reds:

One name: Jessica Alba.

jessica alba

Nuff said.

I’m off to cook dinner.
Let me know what you like best, first or last!

Quick homemade strawberry lemonade!

We just arrived back in the city yesterday but low and behold, there was only a little coke left in the house, and besides that just water!
Yes I know.. water’s good and healthy, but LET’S JUST BE HONEST, there’s not a lot of taste to it! If I want flavor, I won’t be grabbing for WATER! I like to switch up my drinks throughout the day!

There’s always some fruit to be found in my freezer to make cold smoothies in the morning, but that’s not a light drink. That’s a whole meal for my belly! That’s why I tried combining them with something else and it came out tasy as heck!
It’s not really a juice, i’d say it leans toward lemonade, but there’s fruit and water in there, and you can definitely switch up the sugar with honey for example.

What we’ll need:

Fresh refreshing water

Now you know how old school the kitchen is as well, I love it! :)

  • Frozen strawberries
  • Lemon
  • Still water
  • Sugar syrup (any kind, or make it yourself! Bring water and sugar to a boil and let the sugar melt, take it off the heat, let it cool and thicken, done!)
  • Optional: alcohol, i’m sure you could make this into a refreshing cockatil!
  • Strainer
  • Blender

1. the water goes into your blender first, get as much as you’d like to end up with.

2. add sugar syrup to taste.


Just because no one knows what water and syrup looks like.

3. add lemon (I add half a lemon per 300 ml water)


Yup, that’s lemon.

4. chuck in your strawberries! (I add about 3 small ones per 300 ml)


5. blend, blend, blend! (any make up fans that know what MUA i’m referring to here?? ^_^)



6. it’s a pretty thick liquid, so poor it through a strainer to separate the pulp!



Done! Enjoy! ^_^

Strawberry water

Strawberry drink

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