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MUD: Beauty Make-up Assignment

Hey little edemame!
Thought I would share with you one of the looks I did in class today!
The assignment was beauty make-up in under 45 minutes so that’s just a beautifying make-up style, nothing too editorial, and as fast as possible!
MUD make up
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FOTD: Jafar likes smoke

Gold, red, black and purple!
Is it just me or do those colors scream “shiny gems”?
I’ve been seeing red and gold combos pop up all over, wanting to try them out for myself.
They’re such powerful shades.
However when seeing Amanda’s purple/gold combo, I just HAD to!
She made me!
I didn’t have Jafar in mind but I felt like he had to be included.
He definitely would’ve found this an extremely sexy look. ;)
red smokey eye
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I have a guest! (Turquoise FOTD)

HAHAHAA I found myself a guinea pig.
Yes I did.
Time for a formal introduction.
Or not so formal.
She kindly offered herself to me and said I could do whatever the heck I felt like doing.
Music to my ears.. :’)
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FOTD: Feeling blue – I mean green.

Yes, my sincere apologies for being MIA.
Obviously I was out hunting zombies.
*cough* or laying in bed with migraines.
Do you know the ones that transform from a really bad headache into a migraine?
Let me know if you do.
Gah I hate those.
But i’m back now, and feeling peachy keen. :)
I finally had the chance to whip out some shadows for myself as well again today which definitely made me feel happier!
There’s no real inspiration for this one, but I have been seeing a lot of greens and aquas popping up lately.
Oranges too for that matter.. hmm secondary colors..
Not that I generally follow trends (i’m too lazy for that) but I do like to peek around!
So yeah, green and pink it was today. :D
wearable green
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