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Serious Inglot Haul

So Inglot had a wee sale.
HAHAHAHA *flames of glory* (`∇´)ψ
Inglot Haul
Pleases the soul.
From l to r: DS 478, 371, 415, 315, 67, matte 377, 66:
Inglot blue eyeshadow
Once again: AMC shine 16, 477, 384, 385, 316, DS 504
Inglot yellow eyeshadow
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Make-over: Misses Butterfree

Sooo a butterfly wandered into my appartment today.
It had blue/green eyes, figured i’d dust some purple eyeshadow on it!
dewy mature skin
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TER: Anthrax

And I shall name thee tiny eyeshadow rave!
May I introduce you to Anthrax:
my pretty zombie my pretty zombie
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FOTD: Charades

O hi, what’s shakin’?! Been a while!
Currently trying to juggle work, working out, school, migraines and games over here.
Exams are coming up, but I really needed a bit of a vent so I started painting my face. That’s my thang when I get stressed.
That and zebra cakes.
Anyway I was feeling red. And black. And purple because magic.
vampy makeup
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Spring Trends: Wet Look Smokey Eye

Time for a cool and modern spring trend – wet look eyes!
I started off with a Lisa Eldridge inspired smokey eye. It’s the full whammy: easy, edgy, and an ode to gorgeous smoked jewel tones.

glossy eyes
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FOTE: Purple Haze

Quick Face of the evening!
After what seemed like a year in bed with migraines, staring into the dark and thinking – SO MUCH THINKING!
I woke up today feeling perky as ever, with that post-triptane haze in my head you know? So the rhinestones scattered on my sink all of a sudden looked very appealing.
Arabic purple turquoise makeup
Arabic purple turquoise makeup
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Weird Lippies: Cobweb

Today on the menu is something a little different, figured i’d make a little transformation. Hopefully you enjoy seeing the evolution from shaggy to shiny! ;D
Included one of the lipsticks from my last post – Cobweb! Yeah!
This is the style I usually pair it up with for daily wear.
catrice photo finish foundation
Bare moisturized face, okay moving on! chop chop, faster! ;)
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