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Make-over: Misses Butterfree

Sooo a butterfly wandered into my appartment today.
It had blue/green eyes, figured i’d dust some purple eyeshadow on it!
dewy mature skin
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Review: My Pretty Zombie Brisket

With 9 more MPZ shadows on the way, I figured i’d swatch the second one in my collection already!
Brisket baby.
mpz swatches
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TER: Anthrax

And I shall name thee tiny eyeshadow rave!
May I introduce you to Anthrax:
my pretty zombie my pretty zombie
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FOTE: Purple Haze

Quick Face of the evening!
After what seemed like a year in bed with migraines, staring into the dark and thinking – SO MUCH THINKING!
I woke up today feeling perky as ever, with that post-triptane haze in my head you know? So the rhinestones scattered on my sink all of a sudden looked very appealing.
Arabic purple turquoise makeup
Arabic purple turquoise makeup
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Catrice Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm

Soooo I went back to colored hair. I couldn’t take it anymore! Fun shades were popping up all over, reminding me of just how colorful hair and life ( too cheesy? ) can be.
It’s a pretty muted color because I technically can’t have weird hair on the job. Technically.
Manic Panic After Midnight Blue to the rescue!
BUT with colored hair comes bright lips.. they go hand in hand in my brain. :) Hence the new lippies I got yesterday after work!
They’re the Catrice Pure Shine tinted lip balms. Saw these pop up all over Dutch blogs and they reaaally tickled my fancy heehee.
catrice I don't red it
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Weird Lippies: Cobweb

Today on the menu is something a little different, figured i’d make a little transformation. Hopefully you enjoy seeing the evolution from shaggy to shiny! ;D
Included one of the lipsticks from my last post – Cobweb! Yeah!
This is the style I usually pair it up with for daily wear.
catrice photo finish foundation
Bare moisturized face, okay moving on! chop chop, faster! ;)
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FOTD: Grave Dancer

This week is going to be balls hard at work – hence my new shoes aren’t going to get much wear! Noooo! But nothing stopping us from experimenting with awesome make-up after hours though.
Even if it IS just to watch My Name Is Earl at home with my giant Ursula mug full of Turkish tea (yum). It’s fine!
(I recently got hold of some delicate intel that suggests other women do this as well so that makes me feel less silly about that habbit hehe.)
The look here shall be a tribute to my pretty new Grave Dancers collecting dust! Amen!

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