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MUD: Beauty Make-up Assignment

Hey little edemame!
Thought I would share with you one of the looks I did in class today!
The assignment was beauty make-up in under 45 minutes so that’s just a beautifying make-up style, nothing too editorial, and as fast as possible!
MUD make up
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FOTD: Tastes Like Purple

Today the inspiration came from.. my hair bow!
I felt like indulging in a really bold, colorful smokey purple combo!
smokey eye
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Gosh Velvet Touch lipstick in 134 Darling

I’ll be pumping out two reviews today!
Bare with me ’till the second one for a surprise!




Okay onto business!

First off is Gosh’s universally flattering nude lippie I mentioned in my Gosh favorites.
I’m usually allergic to nudes, but this one I do reach for.

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Erase those dark circles!!

Banish them to the depths of.. corrector!!!
Isn’t that a nice dramatic start.
Well, dark circles deserve it.
You know the feeling, I know you do. Waking up in the morning thinking you slept 3 hours when actually it’s been 8.
Well they’ve been ransacking the house right next to me for the past week, leaving nothing but the structure itself. So drills, music, yelling, the whole shebang.
I haven’t exactly been counting sheep peacefully.
I find the best way to tell someone’s a wreck is by looking at their eyes & skin.
The blue/purple discoloration on my inner corners, and the red marks on my outer corners are a dead giveaway:
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