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Top 5 Spa Waters

There’s something about a jug of infused water in the fridge.
Maybe it’s the colors.
Maybe it’s the sound of crushed ice in a long drink glass.
Maybe it’s the fact that it’s hyped and everyone’s doing it and I feel part of a bigger purpose in this universe when I brew my own magical happy potions.
At any rate, here’s my fav ones!
(Put each of these in the fridge for a good 4-6 hours to achieve full flavor powarrrr!)
1. Mint & Citrus: herby and sharp
Add your ice, your stuff, your liquids and gulp!
Spa water citrus
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FOTD: Lambda Luv

Whipped out some new goodies from BornPrettyStore today to slather on a nuclear Half Life look!
As orange is the main “good” accent color throughout the game I went for a bright pop of that, and kept the rest clean. Accompanied by a little lambda to represent the rate of radioactive decay. And the resistance. And dog!
half life make up
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Inspired FOTD: Tequila Sunrise

Fairly easy happy bright eyes today! They matched the new F21 gold studded skirt perfectly!
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The Psychology Of Colors

Hey ho!
I love Stumble!
Instead of staying in your safe little corner on the web, it makes you go out and explore.
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FOTD: Playing with Acid

These days i’ve been trying to look a little more normal job and school-wise, however too much normal hurts.
So this weekend I went to hunt for some bright synthetic hair clip-ons, to work into my daily updos.
You know, for some subtle colour that can be removed just in case people start screaming. ;D
And what other place to look for those thaaan the Carnotstraat in Antwerpen.
Here’s what I scored:
Sleek acid Palette
Yeah, I think my make-up inspiration for today is pretty self-explanatory right. :D
*sigh* aren’t they pretty…
The two on the right are especially nice quality, so smooth..
I’d like to pet them all day.
And thus I busted out my Sleek Acid palette:
speckled neon liner

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Warm winter eyes

FOTD coming through!

Don’t mind the skin, my hormones have been riding a rollercoaster again.
I’ve been trying to keep it under control with anti inflammatory agents, but like everything, it needs time!

Anywho, I pulled some warm smokey burgundies and golds out of my drawer and this is what became of it, not a very eventful look but hey:
burgundy eye
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Real bubble tea?

I drank real bubble tea for the first time on the way to Hippo’s place!
There’s two places in this entire country that I know of that sell it,
and one happens to be in Antwerp where I have to switch trains.

So there you go!


But but..
It didn’t taste like bubble tea at all! O_O the one I made tasted better even!

First of all, the image on the billboard had an orange drink, this one:

bubble tea

Looks good right??

Here’s what I got:
“Oh no, we don’t have that drink. I have no clue why that’s on there.”
So I asked if it was a random image then..
Yes it was.

Then I won’t even go into how many times exactly I had to ask how the freaking system works.

Chiquita’s entire menu consists of: 4 teas (green, black, jasmine & milk), a million juices, and the pearl flavors.
That’s it, no explanation of what to mix.
Bubble tea comes in so many variations, and as I ordered it at a fruit bar, AND the original drink on the billboard was orange, I figured you could add the pearls to fruit too.

Which is why I asked:
“How does this work? Do I just ask for a pearl flavor, and then tea or juice?”

I can’t tell you how LONG it took me to get the bubble tea system out of her, she just kept talking about smoothies, while I was asking about the pearls.
How bananas were nice, but there can’t be bananas in bubble tea.. yadda yadda..

I just.. I still can’t wrap my brain around the conversation I had.
Althewile of course she was staring at everything BUT me as well, you know the situation.
The ceiling.. counter.. people outside..

SO, the way this works apparently is

  • you tell them what tea you would like, no juice.
  • then what syrup you would like in it.
  • and lastly, choose a pearl flavor.

One heck of a thing to explain right?…. Just give me the facts straight you brain dead lout! >_< grr, hold me back!
Sorry! That was rude maybe..
But grr!

I chose milky tea..

Then they asked would you like cherry, mango or apple syrup in it? I said just caramel please. No can do, only fruit syrups.
So I said “allright, just hold the syrup then.”

But then the pearls also only had fruit flavors.. which already seemed sort of fishy..
Anyway they had lychee, mango, etc. and I went for lychee..

That could’ve tasted really good, if it wasn’t for two things:

There was no tea. At least nothing my tastebuds picked up.
Water and milk is what I thought.

Not frothy either, mno.. just.. watery stuff with icecubes in it.
(That’s right, get some more water in there!)

Now for the most surprising thing…
The pearls themselves..

Are you ready?
They bursted in my mouth, and had a sweet goopy liquid in them.
You could compare the build up to a pea, but then big. And the center wasn’t thick.
So essentially a very thin membrane, that splot open in your mouth to reveal a gooey sweet substance.

I remember listening to Hippo talking while eating them, and then a pearl burst open making a *splotch sound*, with goopy whitish stuff kind of plopping onto my lip.
Hippo’s extremely disgusted face will remain imprinted on my brain,
apparently he thought it looked like I was eating insects.

It tasted SO chemical!
I can’t even tell you.

To be honest, I don’t think they were even made from tapioca.. which is probably why they don’t have the natural sweetened tapioca flavor either.

I don’t think they were cooked either for that matter.
No joke.
What I think I got were instant pearls?

That joke set me back around 3/4 euros too!

Ahh venting.. that felt good.

However on a more positive note, that straw was AWESOME.
The biggest straw I ever had!

Tell me if you encountered the same thing maybe?
Or if you know what these strange fake alien pearls are?

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