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Killer Black Matte Liner

Yesterday was Dutchie time! Family, good food, good drinks, Awesome.
My niece was having a bit of an off day though so figured we’d do some dolling up, and she kindly allowed me to share the after-snap.
Meet my sugar plum, my sassy jelly bean kitten: Marit!
MUA undress me too palette
On the eyes! Bold smokes with the MUA Undress Me Too Palette.
Doesn’t she have an awesome eye shape?!
Top left as a highlight, top 2nd shade on the lid and inner corner, top 5th shade as a blending aid, and some matte black along the outer V to define!
Bad days call for liner to stab with right, that opaque matte black liner is Gosh’s Eyeliner Pen.
Lips Nougat Crisp liner from Gosh.
And last but not least: nothing on the face! She downright hates her freckles.
You are cute.


Film Noir Shoot, Outcome

Yaay I got hold of the Film Noir shots!
Isabel Velghe and me worked together on these as the MUA team through MUD hehe! :)
The men as well as the women were thorougly pampered with soft brushes that day.
film noir make-up
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Assignment: Stage make-up

What’s up!
A friend from MUD-school went on stage today, and she kindly offered to share her co-dancers with me as guinea pigs!
No actually the dancers didn’t mind at all, two of them even said they could get used to having their make-up done every day.
Which made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside haha!
I really enjoy when someone feels good when i’m doing their make-up.
I can’t take credit for the idea though, that’s Steffie’s.
All I did was follow what I was told, like a well-behaved MUA. ;D
They went for a black and white pointy wolf-like eye, this was one of mine:

eye makeup wolf

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MUD: what I learnt this week (3+4)

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