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FOTD: Splash Of Faerie

Prepare for ultimate fluttery lashes in 3-2-1:
rhinestone lashes
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DIY Customized Concealer

Heck no – way too Jersey Shore vs. ah come on now I just look like a panda! It’s an adventure finding the right shade of drugstore concealer.
Thankfully you can go all MacGyver on it.
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Current Weirdest Lippies

Let’s talk odd!
No. Every single time.
This is a serious bug in my system because of Doctor Who. It’s so ood.
Moving on!
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FOTD: Inglot is golden (thin pencil liner technique)

Hello thar! My workweek starts again tomorrow so I grabbed my camera for a quick video using the shadows from my parade look last weekend!
Thanks for all the sweet comments on that make up! It’s pretty much insanely easy, only using two brushes in the process.
That’s them, my Bdellium 776 and a Clinique dense angled brush from ages back.

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Film Noir Shoot, Outcome

Yaay I got hold of the Film Noir shots!
Isabel Velghe and me worked together on these as the MUA team through MUD hehe! :)
The men as well as the women were thorougly pampered with soft brushes that day.
film noir make-up
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MUD: Beauty Make-up Assignment

Hey little edemame!
Thought I would share with you one of the looks I did in class today!
The assignment was beauty make-up in under 45 minutes so that’s just a beautifying make-up style, nothing too editorial, and as fast as possible!
MUD make up
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FOTD: Gas masks and Gloss

My oh my.
A friend got me running to my make-up stash, digging for that black lipstick aaaall the way in the back.
Some Juna Helminen photography he linked got me all hyped up. Seemed like the perfect time to try out a black glossy lip!
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