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Serious Inglot Haul

So Inglot had a wee sale.
HAHAHAHA *flames of glory* (`∇´)ψ
Inglot Haul
Pleases the soul.
From l to r: DS 478, 371, 415, 315, 67, matte 377, 66:
Inglot blue eyeshadow
Once again: AMC shine 16, 477, 384, 385, 316, DS 504
Inglot yellow eyeshadow
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FOTD: Lambda Luv

Whipped out some new goodies from BornPrettyStore today to slather on a nuclear Half Life look!
As orange is the main “good” accent color throughout the game I went for a bright pop of that, and kept the rest clean. Accompanied by a little lambda to represent the rate of radioactive decay. And the resistance. And dog!
half life make up
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FOTD: Fresh greens for spring

Pick meee, pick meeee the little Inglot palette said.
I’ll make you happy today!
And so it went.
No really..
rainbow colors
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MUD: what I learnt this week (10+11)

I come to you with another MUD-broadcast!
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FOTD: Android Soul

Isn’t it amazing how Illamasqua’s product names make for great titles by themselves?
Anyway when I saw the necklace Hippo gave me a couple of years back, I wanted to create something similarly cold and pointy.
fans jewelry
Lovely, that sounds great.
I combined the eyes with ombre purple lips to add some color.
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FOTD: Illamasqua playtime

You know, after coming home from MUD class I always feel like experimenting on my own face.
There’s something about that giant station of millions of make-up products that makes me want to take it out on my own stash.
That’s pretty much what’s responsible for the bright colors.
THAT and the fact that it was warm enough to just wear a little jacket here today.
I love winter but i’m craving for some fresh flowers as well.
tulip makeup
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What liner stays put?

Not so long ago, me and my mom were discussing how some pencils just don’t stay put in the waterline for more than a couple of minutes.
Then why put them on in the first place right?
download (9)
Therefore I wanted to assemble a list of my highly scientific liner findings!
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