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Trial: Snake Bite

Some squirrely asked me to do her make up for a jungle themed party this Sunday. She’s looking for sort of a sexy snake!
Did a quick trial run – had to improvise for the scales though.
So that created sort of a leprous snake then.. D’:
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Easy Bullet Wound

Greetings Earthling!
Everyone’s sick around here and apparently those pro stealth moves from last week didn’t enable me to avoid them either. Nevertheless I really wanted to film a small video on how to do an easy bullet wound for Halloween – or you know, any other day you feel the need to scare the crap out of someone.
I bet you have a perfectly good reason for it!

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Current Weirdest Lippies

Let’s talk odd!
No. Every single time.
This is a serious bug in my system because of Doctor Who. It’s so ood.
Moving on!
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IMATS Footage

I’m baaaack and the work week is in full swing already.
Don’t you just hate it when your head is still up in the clouds, singing, but the world is asking for you to get your booty back to the ground this instant?
With stuff like this in your head:
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Kryolan Aquacolors: swatches & what-the-bleep-do-they-do

I beamed over to Kortrijk yesterday for a last-minute shoot, which also means I had a chance to snap some pics at home!
A little piggy told me I use the Aquacolors so much but never take the time to photograph them.
You’re right piggy, it’s silly. I’ll get right to it.
Kryolan Aquacolor Face Paint (or Eye Paint in my case) is glycerin-based cake make-up in EVERY color you like.
Then you can make even MORE colors by mixing them as desired! :)
You can use them dry as a sheer color or wet as a paint.
aquacolor swatches
To achieve even coverage use a medium amount of water instead of drowning your product!
Then swirl around in the pan until it feels creamy.
aquacolor swatches
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FOTD: Fresh greens for spring

Pick meee, pick meeee the little Inglot palette said.
I’ll make you happy today!
And so it went.
No really..
rainbow colors
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FOTD: Playing with Acid

These days i’ve been trying to look a little more normal job and school-wise, however too much normal hurts.
So this weekend I went to hunt for some bright synthetic hair clip-ons, to work into my daily updos.
You know, for some subtle colour that can be removed just in case people start screaming. ;D
And what other place to look for those thaaan the Carnotstraat in Antwerpen.
Here’s what I scored:
Sleek acid Palette
Yeah, I think my make-up inspiration for today is pretty self-explanatory right. :D
*sigh* aren’t they pretty…
The two on the right are especially nice quality, so smooth..
I’d like to pet them all day.
And thus I busted out my Sleek Acid palette:
speckled neon liner

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