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FOTD: Paint The Town Red

Forget meditation.
Slapping some color all over the eyes, and I mean ALL over the eyes, is ridiculously therapeutic.
Inspiration of the day? Low and behold the yumminess:
ediorial eyes
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FOTD: Perfectly Imperfect

I was chatting with a girlfriend this week and all of a sudden we entered the make-up realm (however did that happen?).
We both agreed that not-so-perfectly applied eyeshadow can look ten times more modern and cool than a perfectly applied 6-shade eye look!
Seeing as I don’t have a million brushes here with me that seemed like the perfect mantra the next morning.
Ik was aan het tetteren met een vriendin deze week en plots kwamen we terecht bij make-up (hoe is dat nou weer gebeurd?).
We waren het beiden eens dat niet-zo-perfecte oogschaduw er soms tien keer cooler en moderner uitziet dan een perfect aangebrachte 6-kleurige ooglook.

Gezien ik geen miljoen borstels bij me heb hier leek dat de perfecte mantra de volgende ochtend!
I picked Illamasqua’s Berber for the lid!
Ik koos Illamasqua’s Berber voor het ooglid!
illamasqua red
illamasqua red
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Make Up I Will Not Live (Leave) Without

Up ’till March Hippo & I will be staying at an intermezzo location,¬†and with the holidays coming up there’s certain make up items i’ll be needing there with me!
Here’s what i’m bringing along in my emergency-moving kit.
honeybee gardens mineral foundation
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FOTD: Fairies just wanna have fun

The one thing spring and summer remind me of? Fairies!
The colors that reminds me of? Green and purple! :D
What are your magical colors?
Besides that, I needed some fairy dust which us humans tend to replace with glitter. ;D
And fluttery fairy wings – I mean lashes.
Big lashes.
To top it off, in my ears you will find the two sacred fairy gems.
glitter make-up
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FOTD: Jafar likes smoke

Gold, red, black and purple!
Is it just me or do those colors scream “shiny gems”?
I’ve been seeing red and gold combos pop up all over, wanting to try them out for myself.
They’re such powerful shades.
However when seeing Amanda’s purple/gold combo, I just HAD to!
She made me!
I didn’t have Jafar in mind but I felt like he had to be included.
He definitely would’ve found this an extremely sexy look. ;)
red smokey eye
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FOTD: Android Soul

Isn’t it amazing how Illamasqua’s product names make for great titles by themselves?
Anyway when I saw the necklace Hippo gave me a couple of years back, I wanted to create something similarly cold and pointy.
fans jewelry
Lovely, that sounds great.
I combined the eyes with ombre purple lips to add some color.
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FOTD: Illamasqua playtime

You know, after coming home from MUD class I always feel like experimenting on my own face.
There’s something about that giant station of millions of make-up products that makes me want to take it out on my own stash.
That’s pretty much what’s responsible for the bright colors.
THAT and the fact that it was warm enough to just wear a little jacket here today.
I love winter but i’m craving for some fresh flowers as well.
tulip makeup
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