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Serious Inglot Haul

So Inglot had a wee sale.
HAHAHAHA *flames of glory* (`∇´)ψ
Inglot Haul
Pleases the soul.
From l to r: DS 478, 371, 415, 315, 67, matte 377, 66:
Inglot blue eyeshadow
Once again: AMC shine 16, 477, 384, 385, 316, DS 504
Inglot yellow eyeshadow
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Antwerp shopping haul

Ohh the thrill of getting new shoes. That box opening and the new smell.. hmmmm.. ^_^ it’s been a while (read: couple of months) since I went shopping, due to my school debt – yuk.
So this shopping spree felt OH so good to the soul.
Wanna see what I got? Wehew read on! :D
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IMATS Haul & Giveaway

Drumroll please!
A friend of mine accurately described the checking hauls – process as following: “I feel like imma get to you know you for REAL if I see this shit”.
I couldn’t agree more.
I LOVE seeing what people ( people in the drugstore, people at the market, people at the tea-shop.. ) buy!
Or what they have in their purse!
Ohh so good.
Curiosity, yeees….
Anyway it’s taken me long enough to post this due to being sick, so let’s go!

Starting off with the most scream-worthy thing:
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Angie made a video!

A while back I made a post telling you what I recieved from Angie in our international swap!
For those of you who were interested in what I got her, she actually made a video about it:

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I applaud her for being so brave as to talk on camera.. I always think I sound like a cartoon character when I hear myself.
Maybe I should work on my Michelle Phan-voice.

Yay for Urban Decay! + haul

2 fast updates!

First of all (and most importantly) Urban Decay is cruelty free once again! They’ve decided to call off the expand.
Here’s what they said:
“We’ve decided not to start selling Urban Decay products in China because we did not feel we could comply with current regulations in China and remain true to our core principles.”
There’s more info to be found here if you’re interested!

And secondly, a haul! Yay! There will be tons of reviews for me to write over the course of the next 2 weeks, i’ve hamstered a lot of international things! ^_^
Warning: massive amount of pics incoming.

I didn’t have very good lighting, or a good setup, but I had to take some pictures because I was too excited! LOL


Wet n Wild: Color Icon palette: 737 Blue had me at hello

Eco Tools

Eco Tools: 6 piece eye brush set & finishing kabuki

Revlon Just Bitten

Revlon: Just Bitten lipstains

Revlon Just Bitten


Revlon: Matte & Crème lipsticks


Sky pink, Smoked peach, Pink pout


Smoked peach, Pink pout, Love that pink.
My lippies fell onto my desk while admiring them, so they’re slightly damaged as you can see. Sorry about that! :’)


Milani: Haute Flash, full coverage lipgloss


101 Hot Flash, 106 Quick Flash, 201 Flashy, 104 Star Flash


Milani: 3D Glitzy lipgloss 39 (supposed Mac Dazzleglass dupe!)



Milani: Lip Flash lipgloss pencil


I’ve been wanting to try all of these brands out for a looong time, but even with reviews I wasn’t sure if they would be any good. And the shipping is just HORRIFIC if you want to get anything over to Belgium. It was way too expensive for me to take a bet.

BUT a good friend of mine kindly smuggled these into Belgium for me last week. ^_^
That being said, now that I know these brands a bit better, I feel more comfortable ordering things from them online some day!

And last but not least, this item I got from Amsterdam:

Tum tudu-dummm…..

Inglot Freedom Palette

Inglot: Freedom System 10 palette

Inglot Freedom System

Inglot Freedom Palette

Inglot: Freedom System

I finally got an Ingot palette! Awesomely pigmented, colorful, and cruelty free, I HAD to support them! The awesome saleslady told me they’re making plans to come to Antwerp as well soon. WIN!

Expect some serious reviews! LOL

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