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Trial: Snake Bite

Some squirrely asked me to do her make up for a jungle themed party this Sunday. She’s looking for sort of a sexy snake!
Did a quick trial run – had to improvise for the scales though.
So that created sort of a leprous snake then.. D’:
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Jewelry For My Fellow Oddlings.

HA you clicked this, that must mean you have some outlandish elements chaperoning you.
If blogging has taught me one thing it’s that i’m not alone in my kooky tastes.
So for all fellow wonky oddballs out there, have a look at this jewelry:

Eyeball belt buckle

anatomic jewelry
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Celeb Halloween Costumes

Checking out cheesy dance shows and celeb outfits make me all warm and fuzzy. There – I said it. But it gets too good when crazy stuff is involved!
Enter my favorites this yearrr!
heidi klum
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Double, double, toll and trouble,
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.
Eye of newt, toe of frog,
Wool of bat and tongue of dog,
Adder’s fork and blind worm’s sting,
Lizard’s leg and howlet’s wing.
Halloween Skeleton
Halloween Skeleton
Halloween Skeleton
So the skeleton did end up with a more ghoulish jaw!
This totally innocent puppet pretty much lives right around the corner and games! PC, card and board games to be exact. Not to mention she’s a warlock in WoW as well!
Seems like we share a taste for dark spells and minions.
All this time i’d been thinking there were no people in this part of the country with the same interests – this just made my year.
Positively glowing!
Stabbing, jabbing and ready to party.
And the wound turned out to be an unzipped face!
This is the best make up practice i’ve had in a long time, but the most exciting part was that I actually got to meet two people that are so freaking similar to me and Hippo!
Mister skeleton’s a blacksmith and actually makes his own, operating, plate (!) gear – I got to fiddle around with some of it. Very cool.
Argh doing this makes me want to take a special effects course so bad – but the moolah, darn moolah!
Have an otherwordly Halloween and a great November first!
~ Anouchka

Halloween Playtime: Skeleton Attempt

Instant heart attack when someone asked me to turn them into a skeleton for Halloween – I hadn’t tried that yet! Ever!
(Read: too scared)
So um since it’s almost the 31th I figured I should practice! Got home, had lunch and attempted this thing.
Kudos to Hippo for picking me out of the bathroom and throwing me into this fabulously creepy environment.
Think i’ll try a different jaw tomorrow, right now it looks like i’m a skeleton holding a doggy bone.
(Aw wouldn’t that be a fun Tokidoki look though!)
Hardest make up situation i’ve ever attempted.
~ Anouchka

Easy Bullet Wound

Greetings Earthling!
Everyone’s sick around here and apparently those pro stealth moves from last week didn’t enable me to avoid them either. Nevertheless I really wanted to film a small video on how to do an easy bullet wound for Halloween – or you know, any other day you feel the need to scare the crap out of someone.
I bet you have a perfectly good reason for it!

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Set for Halloween!

I won’t be posting tomorrow, due to a Halloween / LAN party?

Not sure what to call it, but here’s our setup for the week ┬áin any case:

lan party

lan  party

lan party

Yep that’s my Hippo, lol!

lan party

And here’s everyone! I tried to take a picture all sneakily, it failed.
Meet (from left to right) Vini, Davey, Hippo and Michael!

It’ll just be some cosy time. ^_^

We’ll be starting off playing some games, and then tomorrow some scary movies I guess and trick or treating!!
I hope it’ll work out, seeing as no one does that really here in Belgium.

The final Halloween costume tomorrow will be
*dum dum dumm*
Black Dahlia!

At least I can breathe in that, opposed to the Silent Hill nurse!

You can always tune into Hippo’s stream here if you’d like to see us “live”!

My thoughts go out to the flooded houses at the moment due to hurricane Sandy,
those victims won’t be so keen on dressing up at the moment probably.

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