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Trial: Snake Bite

Some squirrely asked me to do her make up for a jungle themed party this Sunday. She’s looking for sort of a sexy snake!
Did a quick trial run – had to improvise for the scales though.
So that created sort of a leprous snake then.. D’:
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Review: My Pretty Zombie Noxious Agents

First off, DING!
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Serious Inglot Haul

So Inglot had a wee sale.
HAHAHAHA *flames of glory* (`∇´)ψ
Inglot Haul
Pleases the soul.
From l to r: DS 478, 371, 415, 315, 67, matte 377, 66:
Inglot blue eyeshadow
Once again: AMC shine 16, 477, 384, 385, 316, DS 504
Inglot yellow eyeshadow
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TER: Anthrax

And I shall name thee tiny eyeshadow rave!
May I introduce you to Anthrax:
my pretty zombie my pretty zombie
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Spring Trends: Wet Look Smokey Eye

Time for a cool and modern spring trend – wet look eyes!
I started off with a Lisa Eldridge inspired smokey eye. It’s the full whammy: easy, edgy, and an ode to gorgeous smoked jewel tones.

glossy eyes
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EOTE: Turning Leaf

Wahoo! First things first, the previous contest winner!
I adore the fact that she used a bright shade in her signature look!
The next giveaway will be up in a little bit.. ^_^ but  earlier this evening I decided to slap some make up on in an attempt to wind down from a long day at work, on so I thought i’d share that too.
(I can’t be the only one that finds randomly applying a full face of make up relaxing right?)
urban jungle palette look
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Video Tutorial: Jungle Smokes

A new palette kind of feels like a grown up version of a new box of crayons doesn’t it. Only it’s not that grown up really, it still involves coloring! And that’s fine!
I’ve been happily embracing this inner child during a bleeped up week of moving mess. It’s never the moving itself that’s most stressful I think.. it’s the hassle beforehand!!
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