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Review: My Pretty Zombie Noxious Agents

First off, DING!
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Review: My Pretty Zombie Brisket

With 9 more MPZ shadows on the way, I figured i’d swatch the second one in my collection already!
Brisket baby.
mpz swatches
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Make Up I Will Not Live (Leave) Without

Up ’till March Hippo & I will be staying at an intermezzo location, and with the holidays coming up there’s certain make up items i’ll be needing there with me!
Here’s what i’m bringing along in my emergency-moving kit.
honeybee gardens mineral foundation
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FOTD: Grave Dancer

This week is going to be balls hard at work – hence my new shoes aren’t going to get much wear! Noooo! But nothing stopping us from experimenting with awesome make-up after hours though.
Even if it IS just to watch My Name Is Earl at home with my giant Ursula mug full of Turkish tea (yum). It’s fine!
(I recently got hold of some delicate intel that suggests other women do this as well so that makes me feel less silly about that habbit hehe.)
The look here shall be a tribute to my pretty new Grave Dancers collecting dust! Amen!

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FOTD: Luscious Lagoons

Whipped out my Wet n Wild palette again today for a ridiculously easy turquoise gaze!
That eye pencil on the lower waterline just seriously reminded me of a beautiful lagoon… ahh..
wet n wild blue had me at hello
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Playtime: Alice Madness Returns

“You’re sufficiently qualified to kick some a- to boot these creatures’ nether regions”
Yesterday the most loving guinea pig mom in the world Amy said she’s going to a “pawty” this weekend.
But not just a pawty, she’ll be wearing a sweet (but little bit wacky) Alice costume, which made my imagination go into overdrive, hnnnngg!!
She instantly freed me by saying “go on and make a tutorial!”, I flew right over to my make-up stash!!!
Creative recharge mode activated!
The first thing that creeped to mind was the Alice Madness Returns game, one of the most bizar and imaginative games i’ve played so far this year.
The story is based on the original Alice In Wonderland when it comes to characters and.. well Wonderland.
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Trend Inspired: Neon Eyeshadow

A second big trend this summer is neon u’rything!
Often combined with neutrals to make it more wearble.
*ding* figured that might also work on the eyes!
I absolutely love neons.. maybe it’s the 90’s kid thing.
Any other 90’s people out there that agree?
This whole shebang got me back into some perfecly kitschy 90’s music as well. :D

And Naomi just reminded me of this Daze one!!!

Did you listen to those as well?
Anywho! The big star of this show is my Sleek Acid palette again, but this time I tried using it in a more wearable way.
A challenge!
I combined two fun neon pops with a pretty shimmery lid.
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