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Review: My Pretty Zombie Noxious Agents

First off, DING!
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FOTD: Feather Lashes

Saving the best for last!
Two of my friends simultaneously yelled “YAS” as soon as I linked these to them, so may I present to you the second item Born Pretty sent over:
blue feather lashes
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FOTD: Fall here we come!

There was this amazing make up look in my previous post that I found online, and apparently I wasn’t the only one that loved it!
SO instead of trying it out on my own I tried it out in front of the camera. Not sure how much they’re alike seeing as A) I don’t have those awesome eyebrows and
B) apparently I basically used all shimmery shadows without realizing it.
But I do hope you like it anyway! On a positive note: it reminds me of a Bollywood movie. :)

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FOTD: Raspberry Truffles

Hmmm… raspberry truffles…

In my favorites I mentioned an Inglot shadow in shade DS 495, and then more specifically that I like to use it with a chocolate brown shadow around it.
But a pic says so much wore than words!
Inglot DS 495
In my mind you can get away with so many shades when surrounding it with a warm brown!
Then again maybe that’s just me.. :)
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The Hobbit: Radagast the Brown

There are some mixed feelings swirling inside of me right now! I saw the Hobbit today and GAH it was amazing!
I’m feeling all dreamy, but sad at the same time because I can’t wait for the next one to come out!!
Thankfully it shouldn’t take that long, they’ve it planned for 2013.
As sort of a creative outlet, I thought i’d play around and come up with looks for some key characters and elements out of the Tolkien trilogies that really spoke to me.
First off, had to be Radagast the Brown!
One of five Istari or wizards of Middle Earth, and “master of shapes and changes of hue”.
He was originally named Aiwendil, meaning bird-friend!
Deemed completely insane and inadequate by some fellow wizards, he spends his time tending to and conversing with the fauna and flora in Middle Earth.
In fact, he gets along with animals and plants much better than he does with dwarves, elves or anyone else.
He is master of not only supreme magic, but herbology as well, creating powerful poisons and medicins alike!
I was mostly inspired by his home “Rhosgobel”.
Made up of branches and moss and stocked with potions and herbs, it completely embodies his character!


Here he is tending to a cursed hedgehog in his house

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FOTD contrast kid!

Passing through at the speed of light, isn’t my eyeshadow out of sight?!

Really busy studying for my retakes today. However I popped a really fast, bright eyeshadow combo on my lids this morning that I quite enjoyed today. I used my recently acquired Inglot palette for it!


inglot AMC30 495DS


I didn’t feel like using a highlighter today.. I wanted something more funky! So I used AMC 60 by Inglot for the inner corner. It’s a warm yellow, with a tiny bit of gold shimmer to it. (I don’t notice it once applied..)
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