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Trial: Snake Bite

Some squirrely asked me to do her make up for a jungle themed party this Sunday. She’s looking for sort of a sexy snake!
Did a quick trial run – had to improvise for the scales though.
So that created sort of a leprous snake then.. D’:
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FOTD: Lambda Luv

Whipped out some new goodies from BornPrettyStore today to slather on a nuclear Half Life look!
As orange is the main “good” accent color throughout the game I went for a bright pop of that, and kept the rest clean. Accompanied by a little lambda to represent the rate of radioactive decay. And the resistance. And dog!
half life make up
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Spring Trends: Yummy Pastel

Going to pop right back in with a spring trend i’ve been eyeballing. Tons of brands are coming out with their pastel-inspired goodies and this trend is way too scrumptious to pass up on.
Literally. Marie Antoinette-style. “It’s like candy!”
pastel eyes
pastel eyes

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FOTD: Deconstructed Smokey Eye

Still sticking with the laid back not-so-perfect idea here, and even going one step further today I suppose!
I grabbed a pigment with a dark smokey base and applied that liberally all around the eye with a damp brush.
We blijven nog even in de relaxte niet-zo-perfect sfeer, en gaan zelfs nog een stapje verder vandaag!
Ik greep een pigment met een donkere “smokey” basis en bracht dat vrijgevig rond het oog aan met een vochtige kwast.
simple smokey eye
illamasqua metallic pigment
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Inspired FOTD: Tequila Sunrise

Fairly easy happy bright eyes today! They matched the new F21 gold studded skirt perfectly!
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FOTD: Red For Strength!

Red represents energy, speed, strength and instinct over intellect – so as I didn’t sleep much: good coffee, red eyes and red lips today!
Double up on that power boost!
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10 Chopstick Hairstyles

I was just wildly flattered that someone actually asked for more chopstick hairstyles so here we go!
chopstick hair tutorial

There’s no end to what you can do with some random sticks!
Apparently I have a mullet going on which I had absolutely no idea about, gorgeous!!
Excuse me while I get a shiny track suit and a headband.
Have a great Monday, 11 more days and it’s Halloweeeen! I actually got an assignment for that today, it involves a Chuckie, a creepy porcelain doll and.. a bad ass wounded man!
So excited to make those people transform into other characters! It’ll be a first – ICK!
~ Anouchka

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