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MUD: Beauty Make-up Assignment

Hey little edemame!
Thought I would share with you one of the looks I did in class today!
The assignment was beauty make-up in under 45 minutes so that’s just a beautifying make-up style, nothing too editorial, and as fast as possible!
MUD make up
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The entire MUD range right at your fingertips..

3, 2, 1 aaaand drool.
make up designory eyeshadows
As promised I snapped a pic of the shadows and such we use in our creative practice sessions!
make up designory eyeshadows
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MUD: what I learnt this week (12+13)

Good morning / afternoon / evening!
Today I thought i’d show you sort of how our practice room looks, because we’ve been practicing for 2 weeks straight.
412176_10150886357314958_1553350917_o-700x340 1213
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MUD: what I learnt this week (10+11)

I come to you with another MUD-broadcast!
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MUD: what I learnt this week (5+6+7)

Aaand we’re open for business again!
Week 5 was all about practicing our base application, so nothing new there!
Just applying everything we learnt.
Then week 6 we had time off (woop woop).
But then week 7, we could finally go back!!
That time off just lasted way to long for me, I really enjoy the classes.
We did nose corrections this time.
Awyea, that’s right.
Not the surgical kind, the non-painful kind.
And I can use me some of that!!
(Let’s just not all stare at my nose in the future, mkay?)
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MUD: what I learnt this week (3+4)

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What’s in my MUD starter kit

I finally finished editing!
Good lawdy!
First of all I couldn’t locate the files on my new camera, bla bla, to sum it up: I had to learn. :D
I got the hang of it now I think.
Editing at least, talking on camera is still awkward and I forget things all the time LOL! >_<

0 – 2.34 is me rambling about the brushes,
2.34 – 15.23 is me rambling about everything else in my bag.
Then I forgot to mention the hand- and workbook in the video so here’s some pics of those!
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