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Bajart Vincent: horrible vet

Today i’ll be sharing something a little different on my blog.
I’ll be writing partially in Dutch as well, to reach a bigger crowd.
As I was talking to Ania about how horrible a hamster of mine was treated at a local vet, she responded with well.. why not share it on your blog?
Therefore i’m going to sit down right now, and take a minute to share with the world how horrible my pet was treated by this man.
In the hopes of reaching out to other people from Kortrijk and hopefully putting him out of business.
Yeah I honestly do really hope he goes out of business, and soon!
Bajart Vincent
That’s him.
No it’s not, but it might as well be..
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DIY shaving help!

Ah man you know what feeling I love? Having razor burns and then showering.
NO. NO I don’t.

The main reason for razor burns is the hair being too rough, and the skin being too dry. Imagine dragging a blade over dry earth, you get stuck behind the uneven parts, and take some of the surface with you. Not healthy for your skin and not comfortable either!
Aka we need an emolient, something to soften up the skin before we shave, and to make the razor glide over or skin as we shave!

I love just getting a shaving cream sometimes, it’s handy, stays good for ages, and is easy to store. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean they’re as good for your skin as their completely natural DIY counterparts. There’s tons of crap in commercial creams, plain and simple. Sorbitol for example, because natural glycerin is “too expensive”.

Well here’s some recipes to try out for yourself! Oils and creams galore, depends on what you like!
I enjoy the infused oil, and wax recipes the most. They’re easy and do their job!


First of all, scrubbing is essential for a really close shave without razor burns! Especially for a beard! There are tons of natural DIY scrubs, or just get one at your local drugstore.

If you use something like my sugar scrub though, with oil in it, you can double it up as a lubricant for shaving as well!
Rinse your skin with water (warm if you can, that softens your skin up even more) to remove the sugar, and shave!

Normal oil

You can use grapeseed, castor, almond, sunflower, coconut, baby, extra virgin olive oil, any oil you like! Natural oils work great for softening up the skin, and making your razor glide right over.

Infused oil

There’s different ways of doing this, let’s do the “hard” one first:

  • Dried herbs (they make your oil stay fresh longer)
  • Olive oil (or any other oil, I love using olive oil though because it’s been used since early times, even in bath water in Greece!)

Preheat your oven to 200 degrees, pour everything into a bowl, turn off the oven and place it in there for a couple of hours.
When everything is soaked up nicely, get the oil into a jar by pushing it out of the herbs.

Then the easy way:

  • Essential oils
  • Olive oil (or again any other oils)

Mix them up, done!
Keep it in the refridgerator, and it’ll stay good for months on end! (if you used an oil that became hard in the fridge, just warm it up in your hands before using it)

Oils are so nice and economical to use, just wet the area where you need to shave, add a few drops of oil, let it sink in for a couple of minutes, shave, and rinse!
You’ll smell good too, hmmm…

Soothing lotion

Your normal moisturizer works great, one with aloe or roses in it would be even better, those soothe the skin even more. Works just the same as oils, let it soak in and ready to razor!
Another thing you can try, is hair conditioner!

Shaving cream

First of all, you can use soap. However that’s not as moisturising, this is:

  • 8 ounces grated castile soap
  • 8 ounces rose water
  • 2 ounces cocoa butter
  • 4 ounces of liquid vegetable glycerin (available at drugstores and pharmacies)

Add essential oils to this as well if you like!

Soak the soap in the rose water overnight. Heat the cocoa butter and glyerin so that they melt, then remove from the heat and add the soap mixture. Blend those all together with a mixer and done!

As with all fresh products, store in your refrigerator.

What herbs/essential oils to add

Anything you like really, but here are some suggestions:

If you have problems with acne, try adding some of these to your face-treatments:

  • Tamanu oil: heal skin damage
  • Rosehip: healing, reduce wrinkles, fights redness
  • Emu oil: healing, pain, anti-infammatory
  • Lavender: balances, great for combination skin, heals
  • Neroli oil: against scarring
  • Sage oil (don’t use when pregnant, dilute it, and look up if it’s suited for you first): anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, you name it. Extremely potent  oil.
  • Tea tree: anti-bacterial, great for face oils or underarms (no bacteria =  no smell!)
  • Olive oil: vitamin e, antioxidants
  • Peppermint oil: vitamin a, against irritation
  • Green tea: powerful antioxidant
  • Aloe vera: soothes, cooling, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial
  • Camomile oil: calm skin, tissue regeneration
  • Mandarin oil: helps heal, improves circulation (and smells great!)
  • Sandalwood oil: natural remedy for scars (expensive though)
  • Frankincense oil: disinfectant, astingent

These can be found in organic stores! You can add them to millions of things, but i’ll keep that for another post haha!

Making your own wax

One more thing, for those of us who don’t like to shave, I make my wax myself!
It’s a sugar wax, i’m sure a lot of people are familiar with this recipe:

  • 3 tbsp sugar
  • 3 tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 tbsp water

Put this on the stove and let it simmer for 45 minutes to make the sugar caramelize.

This washes off so easily as well, unlike hard wax!

Learning about essential oils is a passion of mine, tell me your favorites below! :)

Semi-permanent dye upkeep

This will be a pretty straightforward post! I got some questions on how to keep your hair healthy when bleaching it, and how to keep semi-permanent dyes vibrant. I had some difficulty with this too at first, so I hope I can at least help some people by sharing my technique!

First of all, addressing the bleaching.

The first time I dyed my hair blue, I went to a salon where they bleached the crap out of it. I didn’t notice how dry my hair was at first, because they put all sorts of products in there to keep it looking shiny and soft. But as I washed those products out more and more it dawned on me that they’d fried it.
This was when they had used the strongest bleach they had, a 40 vol developer (twice). Which shouldn’t even really be used on your scalp, it’s better for highlights since there’s a chance it’ll burn your skin.
Since then i’ve just been using a mild decolorant on my roots (20 vol), to bleach it myself, and it works just fine. Doesn’t damage my hair as long as I look after it a little.

All in all, don’t be afraid of bleaching, just make sure you know your hair. If it’s sensitive or thin, don’t go slapping on 40 vol bleach every month. Two things though, as a general rule: don’t bleach it more than once every 3 weeks, wait untill your hair is greasy (then your skin has a protective layer, this does wonders against stinging!) and stick to the undamaged roots when you bleach it again. Don’t keep going over the ends.
In case you’re wanting to bleach your hair yourself in a cruelty-free way, here’s a nice suggestion:

manic panic flash lightning

These manic panic kits are praised by colorful-haired people all over the world!

Secondly, how I keep the color vibrant:

As anyone with semi-permanent dyes will tell you, adding some dye to your conditioner/mask works wonders, my conditioners and masks are blue.
You just use them as you would any other conditioner/mask. Wash your hair, apply (I do pin my hair up to avoid a blue back), and let it soak!

Here’s my redying and care process:

  • Every 3/4 weeks, i’ll get a decolorant and put that just on my roots. I make sure to stay away from the rest of my hair, as that has already been fried once.
  • After I rinse that out really well, I immediately apply my vegetable dye, which will condition it. And let that sit for however long i’ll be staying up that evening, usually 1 to 3 hours (with a shower-cap or bag over it).
    Tip: make sure when you rinse it out, to really rinse it well. Keep going until the water is pretty much clear. I’d say rinsing is the biggest hassle with colored hair.
    Confession time! At times I get lazy and don’t rinse it out completely, but then I pay for my crime when it starts raining. -_-‘
    Don’t worry, normally it’s fine when it rains since it’s just cold water. However when the water is sort of lukewarm and you’ve been lazy, you don’t want to be wearing white LOL.
    As an added note: make sure you have a colored towel, the first… 10 times you wash it. Else you’ll stain your white towels!
  • After i’ve rinsed it well, I apply a regular conditioner to seal in the color. That way I don’t have to worry about it transferring anymore.
    At this point I check if I have any blue on my face/ears/door.. if so, I just take some rubbing alcohol and remove it.
  • I wash my hair 5/7 times a week, which is not so good. But I compensate by washing it with a gentle baby shampoo, conditioning it, and using a mask once a week. I either use a DIY mask or this Novocrin one at the moment:
novocrin mask

The left one is the mask. The right one is a leave-in conditioner that I don’t care for.

It does the job for me, and is nice and easy to use. You just pop it on in the shower, take care of the rest of your business and rinse it out after 5 mins. Done!

  • Then if my locks needs some extra help during the week, i’ll apply a leave-in conditioner, and seal it with argan/olive oil.
    The leave-in conditioner i’ve been using is this one:

You can find this product here for $5.
It’s formulated for thick curls, so it’s the richest of the rich, super duper creamy. I put it mostly on the ends of my hair.

And then lastly the oil I use on top these days is this one:

Argan oil

I wrote a review about argan oil here

And that’s it. That’s really all I do to my hair.. Apart from it being bright, i’m not really much of a hair-girl LOL.

As you can see though, i’m all for using organic products on my hair. A lot of commercial drugstore products use all sorts of fillers, like silicones for example, to make your hair look shiny when it really isn’t. And even though my hair loves some silicone to make it look bouncy, i’d rather see the actual natural effects of products on my hair!

In case you’re interested in organic cruelty-free hair care, this is a beautiful list of all the things you can use!

Thanks for reading, I hope this was informational to some.
I’d love to read about your hair care experiences in the comments!


Fast tip for colored hair, that I tried out yesterday:

Wash your hair with conditioner every once in a while! (yeah, conditioner.)

If you’re like me, and shower everyday, the blue/green/red whatever in your hair won’t live very long! >_<
But I will keep that for another post.

You CAN wash your hair with conditioner. It’s so much more mild, and your hair will be soft and clean :)

Usually commercial shampoo contains detergent. Which is very effective at getting all of the dirt out, but also very harsh.
Conditioner takes longer to clean your hair, but does get the job done.

Just rub in a nice amount when you hop in your shower, give it some time, at the end of your shower give it another good rub, rinse, clean hair! ^_^

Don’t worry about using expensive conditioners either, since those may be too nourishing.
Just keep that for your ends if you really need it.

I wouldn’t do this every day though, unless you have extremely dry hair.
Like everything, hair does need deep cleaning as well.

En route to cruelty-free!

Here’s a little sum up of my journey toward cruelty-free goodness (^v^)

Let’s go back to when I was a teenager in high school!
We had to wear uniforms there (yuk) and it just wasn’t a very happy time for me, like for many people.
Luckily , in my senior year, I found an extremely attractive guy that tought me that playing videogames is a good thing, and that I can express myself more and it’s okay.
He now still is my best friend and boyfriend (^_~)
It started getting better then, but it was only when I graduated from there, that I started to find myself more.

Since then i’ve learned, that I put a tremendous amount of importance in colorful living, fantasy and all of that. I guess they secure my mental health LOL.

I love adding color to my clothes, face, anything. And was naturaly drawn to bright eyeshadows and lipsticks and what not. But whilst buying them, I had this annoying feeling inside of me. And couldn’t quite place it.

It’s so easy to lose track of where products come from! Companies have a good way of putting blindfolds over our eyes. It’s not like it’s written on there in big letters that scream out to our conscience. HEY, YOU, YEA YOUUU! YOU’RE HURTING ANIMALS! (that would probably help a lot.)

Then, about two years ago, I stumbled upon cruelty-free products. Now, I know it’s bad, but in my brain, animal testing for cosmetics meant putting lipstick on monkeys. So I didn’t think much of it at first. When I heard the word cruelty though, I realised that we as consumers need to take more responsability for what we buy.

Since then, i feel like i’ve evolved into a more responsible consumer. Especialy at the start of this new year, I feel i’m going to make a big evolution for myself. It has become clear to me how brands, and stores fool us. But I also feel like we can make a change, and I can make a change.

At this moment, i’m completely cruelty free as far as I know. I’m still looking up about it and learning new things almost every day. Some companies are really not what they appear to be, such as MAC cosmetics. One of the masters of trickery there, when you look a bit further.

Onto food. I’m not a vegetarian. I eat meat about once a week. Processed in something, like pasta-sauce. But even that i’m beginning to detest more and more. Trying to figure out how to take care of that health-wise. Let me know if you have any tips or suggestions on that :)

Sooo yea, that’s where i’m at at the moment!

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