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FOTD: Caramel Swirl

After a committed Inglot trip last month (20% off = grab ALL the liners, then proceed to be broke all day long, shadowing your friend while she’s shopping.) I couldn’t wait to try one of those sultry smokes combined with bright liner.
Stirring things up with a little swirl too, which Hippo seemed to love. Score!
Not sure if it actually looks caramel-y but my brain is currently preoccupied with salted caramel ice cream.. hmmm… couldn’t help it.
So here’s my weekend eye!
smokey eye gold liner
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Web Shoe Find: Missguided

Extra extra read all about it! Shoe news!
Found an awesome website through this video by Jenn from Clothes Encounters (One of my favorite style gurus on Youtube! Anyone else who follows her?)

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FOTD: Gas masks and Gloss

My oh my.
A friend got me running to my make-up stash, digging for that black lipstick aaaall the way in the back.
Some Juna Helminen photography he linked got me all hyped up. Seemed like the perfect time to try out a black glossy lip!
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FOTD: Fresh greens for spring

Pick meee, pick meeee the little Inglot palette said.
I’ll make you happy today!
And so it went.
No really..
rainbow colors
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FOTD: dolly lashes

This weekend my mom took me to a giant covered market on the other side of Belgium, and boy was it WORTH it! :D
We had a bunch of fun hamstering around.
Especially at the beauty stands hehe.
Synthetic lashes galore! And for 1 euro! You usually don’t find that here in Belgium!
Generally when I need a pair of lashes, it sets me back around 8 euros at least.
Anyway needless to say:
I got me soooome.
bonjour lashes
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Simple smokey eye

All you bloggers that posted olive nails over the past few weeks, you looked gorgeous and i’ve now officially copied you.
I couldn’t take it anymore.

Found an Essence polish in 139 Walk on the wild side.
Not sure how i’m liking it just yet, let’s see if it actually stays on longer than a day.

I’ll keep you posted on that, but I wanted to share the eye look I created to go with it:

smokey eye
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How to make clashing colors work on your eyes

O hi!

It’s weekend here, and i’m just hanging around with Hippo at home.
Needless to say at one point of course I couldn’t stay away from my make up.

Christmas seems to have made it’s way into my head again, because I went for a foresty green and red on my eyes.
Two sides of the colorwheel? That’s curazeh!

88 palette
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