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Pink Panther Lemonade

Blimey! I created pink lemonade in my cauldron (or mixer, whatever). As in bright pink. With the help of wonderberries (FINE – red berries).
Sheesh. But looking at the color of the lemonade i’d honestly mistake them for magical berries.
Not a lot of shots because I hadn’t planned on making this into a post. But when I saw the bright outcome I felt the need to share this happy looking drink!

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Venti Iced Masala Chai Latte coming right up!

What do you think? Can I go work at Starbucks? ;)

What the..?

Masala chai is a blend of classic black tea with aromatic Indian spices and herbs, often “chai tea” refers to the same thing.
Add some milk and you have a chai latte!
Add ice and you get an iced chai latte!
Etc etc until you create a name you can’t pronounce at 7 in the morning.
Because of all the spices chai tea is incredibly healthy for your digestive system, immune system and your mood.. :D

What we’ll need:

  • Water
  • Black tea
  • Cooking pot
  • Strainer
  • Ginger (fresh or powdered)
  • Cloves
  • Fennel seeds
  • Cardamom
  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar or honey
  • Milk

That’s a whole lot of spices but they stay with you for ages and make your counter look all cosy.
So it’s an investment really!
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DIY: gentle gommage

After a hard day of work or school what feels better than just washing / scrubbing all that stress right off your skin!
It literally is the first thing I do.
That and snack.
Then read on! :D

What’s a gommage?

A method of exfoliating that’s been around for centuries, a spa treatment of all times..
It consists of a thick paste you apply in a thin layer.
Wait until it sets and rub it!
It will roll / ball up on you and take with it the dead skin cells.
There’s tons of over-the-counter gommages available but also a million ways to make your own.
Of course it is more labour-intensive than just a scrub, so it has become less popular over the years, but oh how it leaves your skin soft as a peach.. ^_^


There’s only two ingredients to this that you WILL probably have in your cabinets.
Not one of those DIY’s with ingredients in cabinets from the other side of the world. >_<
However I did attempt to get an exotic feel here to reflect that this is a recipe of all ages and cultures!
I hope you’re feeling the beautiful kajal vibe! ;)
DIY gommage
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What’s your favorite thing about veggie food?

I’ll start, for me it’s…
Processed into this:
Hmmm… a sandwich with peanut butter and some sugar on it…
Or this:
peanut sauce
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Tea bag nail fix

Got tea?
Next time you break your nail, don’t scream and go make yourself some relaxing tea.
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Make-up wipes, a waste of money

Wasn’t quite sure whether I should share this or not, it’s not that interesting I think!
However it has been a life saver (well, skin saver) for me this past weekend.

I hadn’t seen my Dutch family for ages and ages, and wanted to spend every minute with them.
As you can imagine, when it came around to bedtime I was too tired for a thorough cleanse.

Anyway the point is I didn’t feel like spending too much time in the bathroom.
My favorite way to get all of the dirt off of my face anyway then?

Wet wipes!
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Baking soda, the miracle in your cupboard!

On my last scrub review soooo many of you commented how much you love baking soda as an exfoliant!
It got me thinking, what else is there to this product?

Well what not is the better question apparenly!
I found a ton of uses for this multitasking powder, it’s insane!


Scrubbing face wash

Had to include this one right, thanks to you I found out just how great it is to add this to my cleanser.
Scrub and face wash in one!

As with that Hema scrub, the beads are round and soft enough to not do any harm, and there are a ton of them.
Just the way I like it!


No i’m not crazy, they do this at Lush even!
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