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Top 5 Spa Waters

There’s something about a jug of infused water in the fridge.
Maybe it’s the colors.
Maybe it’s the sound of crushed ice in a long drink glass.
Maybe it’s the fact that it’s hyped and everyone’s doing it and I feel part of a bigger purpose in this universe when I brew my own magical happy potions.
At any rate, here’s my fav ones!
(Put each of these in the fridge for a good 4-6 hours to achieve full flavor powarrrr!)
1. Mint & Citrus: herby and sharp
Add your ice, your stuff, your liquids and gulp!
Spa water citrus
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Android Giggles: Ingress!

Here to share with you my latest addiction!
Got Android? Time to check out Ingress!
The augmented reality mmo that makes you see & cap points for your team everywhere you go.
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Sweet peaches!

The weather has just been soo gloomy here lately! I haven’t even been able to take good pictures of the lipsticks I got for a review!
With all that droopiness I really needed an energy kick today, so I juiced myself a sweet powerup! And i’ll share a glass with you! Without pictures though. (´_`)

I’ll add this juicy one:

Whaaa they look goood don’t they? ^_^

  • I had 10 small peaches laying around that needed to be eaten, so that’s our base
  • 3 sweet red apples
  • 2 yellow kiwi’s
  • tiny chunk of ginger for a bit of a kick.

The kiwi and  apple are specifically good energy sources, the ginger will boost your immune system (and it’s really good for an upset stomach) and the peaches taste yummy  (´ ▽`) (oh and they contain antioxidants)

Happy drinking!

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