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Tag: 38 Beauty Questions

Woop woop, found a fun tag on Kirsten‘s blog that I totally don’t mind partaking in, let’s go!! :)
1. How many times do you wash your face in a day? Read the rest of this entry


Come on in!

Let’s sit down, grab a jug of coffee ( + a cinnamon bun.. I wish..) and chat! :)

I’ve been nominated for some awards lately! However I lost track of them in the comment section.. being organized is an ongoing issue for me.

I freaking love reading these on other blogs, because you kind of get to know someone better. Which is why I maybe wanted to change up the rules?
Am I even allowed to do that actually? No idea!
But I figured it might be fun if I actually get to ask things.. Because I wonder about them and i’m a selfish bastard like that.

The awards I recieved are:

  • From Chrystal, the lovely vintage bit-of-everything blogger that I follow:

The seven things about me award, that just says “RESTECPUH”!

  • Family superhero Jennifer who’s the greatest e-supporter as well:


  • Beautiful Avril decided to be generous and just pass on all three awards :D :


Thanks a heap! I hope I didn’t forget any, hence why I postponed this post. In case I did forget one after all, my comment section below doubles as a rage-place as well.

Now for the questions I would like to hear from others as well:

  • What clothing item makes you feel at your best?

I would say a pair of heels because it lifts the behind, and makes me walk straight however I hate wobbling over difficult rocks. So i’ll go with a petticoat, I LOVE how bouncy my legs feel when I touch them. And I do touch them when I wear a petticoat, all evening long.

  • When are you most energetic? Morning/noon/evening?

Evening, as John knows, i’m like my hamsters.

  • Time to kick back and relax! What’s your pick-me-up food/drink?

Coffee with (whole) milk, no sugar, and bread with some good cheese.

  • Your favorite kind of chocolate?

Dark chocolate with “advocaat” in it, I have no idea how to say that in English. It’s extremely oldschool and equally yummy:


It mainly consists of eggyolk, alcohol, vanilla and sugar

  • To follow up on that, what’s your favorite pastime?

Gaming, or being around animals and in the forest.

  • What sound do you love?

Icecubes in a glass.

  • If you could pack your bags and leave right now, what country or city would you go to?

Japan, or Holland!

  • There’s an album called “soundtrack to your life”, what songs have to be on it?

First of all, my youth is wrapped up in oldschool cartoons. Ch-ch-ch-chipp n dale!

Then Dutch hardcore was my 90s love, so it has to be on there somewhere.

When I was a bit older, say 15, these are songs me and my dad would blast in the car on our road trips. Some of the best memories in my life there!

Now my favorite music for on the train has to be Silent Hill sountracks, they’ve been on my phone for years and I still listen to them.

And then to finish off, these animals are such good singers ^_^ (plus I love Christmas!)

  • Do you have any bad habits?

I’m forgetful, messy, an emotional eater, impulsive, and lazy. Or I have my kicks at least, and then my other side is I can be up at 2 am doing the dishes.

  • What’s one habit others do that you absolutely can’t stand?

Not looking for the bright side of things, spraying deodorant all day long (some guys even get the crazy idea of spraying it into their pants for some reason) , and chewing with one’s mouth open. :/

Time to pass on the baton now! I’ll to stick to one award, else it’ll be more like i’m dropping a bomb onto someone than anything else.

Nessbow: all that is fun.

Ripley Connor: sci-fi and the weird!

Little sun dog: a farm gal with much more to talk about than cow dung!

Lesley Carter’s bucket list : reminds you to live.

Beautywidbrains: reminds you to have confidence.

Love beauty, not cruelty: an honest, woman that has her stuff straight and investigates without selling (or taking) b/s.

And the nominees are!

I got tagged by two fellow-bloggers with awards waiting to be passed on! It’s lovely seeing these go around I think, they’re a great source for getting to know new blogs.
(and everyone knows we’re all addicted to blogs here in in WordPressville! I can see a flash game sprouting from that word.)

First of all John the native Michigander (of course that’s a term) just passed this one to me:

And then from the beautiful writer/photographer/avid blogger EllaDee I got this one:

Then for those seven random things again, hmmm… i’ll list some favorites!

  • Favorite animal

Why did I ask myself that, how can I choose…. but I guess a dog because they’re so incredibly interactive.

  • Favorite veggie food

Fresh homemade chili sin carne, hands down, after all these years. With potatoes.

  • Favorite travel destination

I’ve had the most fun in London and Amsterdam up until now! There’s so many cities and countries i’d like to see though.. Ireland and Japan are on my let’s go right now-list.

  • Favorite beauty item

At the moment, my silver Kryolan aquacolor!

  • Favorite song right now

I’ll add this one, now that i’m in a more relaxed mood:

  • Favorite fictional character

Just no thought, hands down:

Lara Croft Tomb Raider, Legend 4 Wallpaper

Yes. She was and always will be my first videogame hero, my true love!
Such a strong woman, continuing her parents’ life work alone, and not to mention INCREDIBLY sexy!

  • Favorite movie

Nightmare before Christmas

Oh Jack…

Now the beautiful blogger award for 15 other bloggers I adore! Here goes!

And then the one lovely blog award for 7 more!

I hope to read 7 random things on your blogs as well now!!

What? I don’t get to do a speech?

A week ago, I got an award from a crazy-named, furry-pawed blogger Braque de Weimar that makes me happy with his crazy posts every time!

But I had no idea what this meant so I just said thank you haha :) however, I just learnt that you can pass it on as well!!

The award I received is:


And i’m now passing it on to 4 people because just choosing one would be mad man’s work!

Sindy : for having such a calming outlook on life and passing it on to her readers.

Ania : for meeting an amazing new friend online, that shares the same values and is incredibly smart. She studies Dutch, English, Italian and Spanish. And I believe she already speaks Russian and Polish because she’s lived in both places.

Paula : for standing up for animal rights, while staying positive and sharing her beautiful writings with the world online.

John : again another person that I would like to call a friend. He’s open minded, has intrests reaching from the tiniest plant to the newest camera, and lives amongst venomous spiders with his family so that deserves my respect. LOL

Then lastly, I have to post 5-8 unusual things about me. Let’s think….

1) I can’t stand seeing a cigarette being thrown on the floor when it’s till lit, i’ll go step on it.

2) My 3 favorite smells in the world are rain, a freshly made bed, and the smell of gasoline (and/or an old garage).

3) I’m not sure how to say this in English, but I drive a pimped out mail-bike, like this one:

Minus the bag, and plus flowers etc.

4) Laundry that “squeeks” when it touches my nails gives me goosebumps.

5) Where I live, one gets publicly mocked for having colored hair, and even though I don’t care very much, I would enjoy living in a place filled with rainbow-colored trees where I can paint my nails 20 colors and the (obviously super sweet) raccoons would cheer me on for it!

6) My mom and dad are my biggest inspiration.

Can’t wait to see what you all do with the reward! :)

11 questions tag

I was tagged by Ania to do the 11 questions tag.
Super fun, thank you, I love reading these (^▽^)
Let’s go!

1. If your life was a novel, what would be its title?

Life at Hogwarts. I wish!
But probably more like the gypsy guide to happy living. I’ve lived all over. And with all the moving, staying in touch with myself became very important.

2. What are you favourite colours? Any special reason?

Purple, because it reminds me of magic  (。♥‿♥。)
But I like every color, as long as they’re contrasting! Colors are beautiful when they pop.

3. What book are you currently reading?

Ehm a concept art one, about Final Fantasy. Does that count?

4. What is the most quiet and cosy place you have ever been to?

When I was little, I used to go to the very back of our yard, to lie on the grass and feed the deer. It was really relaxing.

5. Do you think your life has a meaning?

I’m kind of a spiritual wanderer LOL.
At the moment i’m thinking it doesn’t just have meaning, and you give meaning to it yourself. But at the same time the concept of time and eternity in space really puzzles me and makes me think otherwise..

6. Do you prefer to spend money or save it?

My head often tells me to save it. But spending is sooo tempting sometimes. Especially when i’m having a bad day. Then i’m convinced that summer dress will make me feel like a better me! Lots of people will recognize this I think LOL.

7. What is your greatest talent?

Not sure… Maybe empathy? When someone else is sad it wears me out.

8. What do you do when you are feeling down?

Chocolate. Always chocolate. Combined with watching videos on youtube, or gaming.
If I have friends around, i’ll throw on some red lipstick and go for a drink in a cosy bar.

9. Do you have a pet or would you like to have one? Why or why not?

I have one hamster at the moment, a (not so) little Russian hamster.

Mommy hamster just chillin’!

At one point I had around 10. I loved them to death, but didn’t get them voluntarily. Hamsters should be free in the wild I believe, not kept in a cage.

Short story: the person that was taking care of these hamsters at the time was treating them horribly.
Long story: she was keeping a male and female hamster in one cage, and flushing the babies through the toilet. When I heard that I convinced her to give them to me. Little did I know, the mommy was already pregnant again!
Then when those babies grew up, one horny male escaped to go have fun in a female’s cage, so they made even more babies!
Eventually, I kept 5 and gave all the other ones a happy home.

10. What is your sign of zodiac and do you believe it influences your character?

Aquarius, and yes! Not sure about daily horoscopes but personality-wise definitely.
You can guess someone’s sign just by looking at their personality!

11. If you won a lot of money, what would you buy first?

Oeh. I like that thought LOL.
I’d divide the money in half. One half would go toward an animal charity.  And with the other half i’d buy my mom something nice, and take a trip to Japan I think!

I tag…..
Ms. Behaved
Ingrid Lauwers, because she needs to make a blog.
Little Pink Things

And my questions are:
1. What cocktail would describe you best / do you love most?
2.What is your best-kept beauty secret?
3. If your life was a novel, what would be its title?
4. What are you favourite colours? Any special reason?
5. What is your sign of zodiac and do you believe it influences your character?
6. If you won a lot of money, what would you buy first?
7. Do you have a pet or would you like to have one? Why or why not?
8. What do you do when you are feeling down?
9. What is your greatest talent?
10. If you could pick any job to do in the world, what would it be?
11. What beauty/fashion item makes you feel at your best?

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