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Teenie Turtles & OOTD

On a scale from 1 to 10 i’d rate today PRETTY PAWESOME.
labrador paw
Gave Tjoekedoes a good brushing to get rid of all the winter fluff!
labrador petting
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Move It Along Please

For the first in a while I went out shopping for no reason.
Temp jobs don’t grant much security but about three weeks ago I landed myself an actual contract and so far so good!
Knowing there’s a steady income flowing in through both Hippo and me feels awesome!
Not to mention the fact that there’s no safety shoes, jewelry bans or heavy lifting involved. Can I get an Amen?
Topamax is working like a train as well, update on that soon!
So I figured i’d celebrate that positive pace by acquiring stuff, things. That I absolutely did not need.
Yummy retail.
I actually targeted the Balm Nude ‘tude palette, but apparently there’s only one drugstore in Antwerp that carries the Balm.
Oh Belgium, why must you insist on being so medieval!
I’m kidding, love you, now give me chocolate.
But it’s okay! I found me another score!
The MUA Undress Me Too palette. This baby will hold me over.
Grabbed another Essence brow kit as well, if you’re a brunette check them out! These shadows don’t have much red to them so your brows won’t look pasted on, major plus!
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Insert Cake Here

Birthday time, wheew! Off on a quest to look for the biggest coffee in Antwerp in a minute, but I wanted to show you a quick face of the day and what I got from Hippo!
First Hippo’s gift!
Verjaardag tijd, wheew! Zometeen op queeste om de grootste koffie te zoeken in Antwerpen, maar ik wilde je even een snelle face of the day laten zien, en wat ik kreeg van Hippo!
Eerst Hippo’s cadeautje!
walking dead figurine
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Breaker Breaker, Come In Earth

This is moving van 27 with an intergalactic update:
Dit is verhuiswagen 27 met een intergalactische update:
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Duckface For Gaia

I adore small, witty initiatives for animals! They’re super quick, lots of people enter, and you get sort of a bond going on!
Ik hou onwijs van kleine gevatte initiatieven voor dieren! Ze zijn super snel, een arsenaal aan mensen doet mee, en het zorgt nog voor soort van een band ook!
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Sunshine Award

Thanks for the Sunshine Award Shaun!
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Bilingual Blogging?

Good day kind lad or lass! I require your input!
For the sake of reaching out to more people i’d like to start blogging in two languages, Dutch and English.
(That way my little niece can read in Dutch if she likes as well!)
BUT! Now I need to know whether you’d find bilingual posts annoying or not.
I would just blog as normal, with a Dutch translation under every paragraph or so in a lighter Italic font – much like Killer Colours does.
Insert magical screenie:
Either that or get a second domain, it’s up to you!

(No tree pictures will be up by the way because we didn’t get to decorate it.. d’aw.. for a good reason though! We traveled back asap because two people will be checking out the appartment tomorrow! ICK! I hope they take it!)
Have a yummy Sunday!
~ Anouchka

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