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Duckface For Gaia

I adore small, witty initiatives for animals! They’re super quick, lots of people enter, and you get sort of a bond going on!
Ik hou onwijs van kleine gevatte initiatieven voor dieren! Ze zijn super snel, een arsenaal aan mensen doet mee, en het zorgt nog voor soort van een band ook!
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Turbo Monday

You might’ve seen on Facebook (or not!) I have the final MUD exam coming up tomorrow!
That meaaans if I pass this I can move on to different courses!!
Make zombie people.. wounded people.. all that good stuff.
But besides that it’s a work day as well, which I think is the same for a lot of us all around the globe!
Team high five!  Or team sob.
Figured i’d share a few motivationals, I can sure use some! :D
Well first let’s address what I think we all feel like sometimes:
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European ban on tested toiletries

Today’s topic is something I needed to share, but have been holding off for a couple of days..
Simply because I really have no idea how to put it.
I have no evidence, all I have to share is what the ban is and the warning circling around in my head.
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Would you rather?

While it’s storming outside (but there’s FINALLY some snow so you won’t hear me complaining :D), i’m sitting here nice and warm, catching up on blogs.
And it feels good! ^_^
So cosy..
Me and Hippo live in a very old appartment, one of the last original ones standing in this city even.
So these are still stained glass windows, and that’s the original giant warm marble window sill as well.
I love sitting on it and warming my behind!
Anyway, I stumbled across an old tag I used to looove , but I didn’t have blog back then!
Well now I do so here we go!
(I’d love to know your choice as well :D)
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Veggie venting! Bunny fur!

Rant alert! Grrr.
My mom came over yesterday evening, and this afternoon we went shopping together for the first time in a couple of months.
Yay! Cosy!

Well it was, but all of the fun got sort of stomped on by one rude gentleman. No he wasn’t a gentleman! >_<
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You’d better not Urban Decay!!!!




Here we go again, that’s right, again turmoil with Urban Decay.

They didn’t want their cruelty free status to change (after the customer riot), so instead of going to China they’re selling to a parent company.
Which then happens to be one of the biggest testing brands on the planet, L’Oréal.
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Favorite surprises September!

Nothing as fun as finding a new brand that’s cruelty free, it’s like landing in a completely new candy store!
So to follow up on my August post, here’s my favorite surprises of September ^_^

Ben Nye

Theatrical cosmetics… I LOVE stage cosmetics! They’re meant to make you look like a princess or horrific zombie even under scorching hot stage lighting!!

Even better, finding out around Halloween is just madness! YAY!
Something about fall and winter makes me want to wrap up in.. wounds?

3449 - Clear Latex Ben Nye Image

Liquid latex:
I’d like some of this for wounds and blending sumptuously scary stuff into my skin…

2726 - Ben Nye Luxury Powders Image

Their banana powder intrests me as well.. i’ve been using the E. Le Clerc one so far, and the yellow tinge looks nice.

click anywhere to close

Their cream color stacks for special fx!

2780 - MagiCake Aqua Paint Image

I’ve had the Kryolan Aquacolors for ages, and they’re amazing. They stay on until you want them to go off! However I have no idea whether they’re cruelty free, they still haven’t gotten back to me. (do you know?)
These seem like a great alternative though!

I’ll stop here, but I think I could live in a theater studio… if only that were my job *sigh*.

Oh give me a second – I need to go put mr spidey outside because he’s trying to eat Hippo. I put him outside once before however apparently he snuck back in while Hippo was in the bathroom, and was waiting right in front of the door when he came out.

Kay, took him for a stroll in the park. The spider, not Hippo!

Back to the subject!

Steve Madden

Not makeup related, but I didn’t know Steve Madden had a completely vegan line called “Madden Girl”?
A huge company like that making room for leather-alternatives, that’s a big deal the way I see it.

These cought my eye:

Ablee: $79.95

Raszcal: $69.95

And last but not least:

TKB Trading

Can you believe that? I was thoroughly amazed!!!

Somehow creativity always finds a way to seep back into my everyday life, it makes my fingers itch, and i’ve been wanting to craft my own custom shadows for a while now. However I kind of wrote TKB trading off.. just figured they could never be cruelty free, it seemed too good. How stupid of me!
I can’t wait to get my hands on some pigments, lay them out on my table, and get crafting!!

Creating personal shades is something I can really get into, it’s cool how they’re linked to whatever is going on in your head at the time you create them.
I wore my own lip shades for a while with the help of the famous OCC lip tars, those things really are great!

This is how I stash mine:

custom mix


I remember creating this pretty sky blue color for my Hatsune Miku cosplay

Imagine all the pretty custom jewel-toned shadows for fall.. nom nom.

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