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Teenie Turtles & OOTD

On a scale from 1 to 10 i’d rate today PRETTY PAWESOME.
labrador paw
Gave Tjoekedoes a good brushing to get rid of all the winter fluff!
labrador petting
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Jewelry For My Fellow Oddlings.

HA you clicked this, that must mean you have some outlandish elements chaperoning you.
If blogging has taught me one thing it’s that i’m not alone in my kooky tastes.
So for all fellow wonky oddballs out there, have a look at this jewelry:

Eyeball belt buckle

anatomic jewelry
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Easter At Jollychic

Jollychic gave me a heads up on their Easter promotion, which I deemed most worthy of a shout-out.
First off there’s a sale going on that gives you up to 60% off on Easter picks:

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Antwerp Haulin’!

Me and a fellow MUD student jumped on the train to Antwerp for some ferreting around yesterday!
Behold what I conquered!
snoecks 2008
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Links of London

But not really.

Me and my mom did a little shopping today, we needed to pass by the Saturn because she wanted to go check out new games. And guess what crossed my path!

Sasha links

Sasha links

Doesn’t this remind you of a little som’n som’n?

Links of London: Friendship Bracelet – Pewter & White €165

Links of London

Links of London: Wimbledon Friendship Bracelet – Purple & Green Mini €165

I like the links of London friendship bracelets, they’re cute, sturdy, and a little rugged with the chrome. But I don’t think I would ever lay down the full €165 for them!

Links of London is holding a sale at the moment for a few of their bracelets though, if you want to go take a look, now’s the time to do it!
May I suggest this COLORFUL one? ^_^

Links of London: Friendship Bracelet – Colour Mix €66

So pretty!!

I got my replica at Sacha, it set me back a whopping €2.50! My mom got one as well, a purple/turqoise one I think. I guess we should’ve bought one for each other though, they’re friendship bracelets after all LOL.

There are many replicas to be found online as well if you like, here’s a few:

Free shipping now: Model lfb016 $6

Ballymagoo: Shamballa Bracelet Silver Skulls White Cord €7.5

Tiffany & co

Tiffany & Co: Links Of London Red & Orange Friendship Bracelet $35.55


Jewelleryoflinks: Links of London Friendship Wide With Pewter And White £29.99

Do you own one of these modern friendship bracelets yet?

The poet’s darling

Maaan i’ve been so busy with furniture thrifting/shopping/moving the past couple of days. It’s a fun kind of busy though!
However I took a little pitstop on the interwebs, and came across resin rings. Do you feel the nostalgia creeping in right now?
In the 90s I remember they put anything in resin to wear on your body, it was amazing! I loved it!
My favorites were the real flowers in resin. I’d stare at them for hours in class.

Here’s my 10 favs!

Pink resin

MoonTideArt: Floral cocktail ring $10

This next concept is pretty cool, you pay for a random piece of resin flower jewelry, so you’re always surprised!


Botanical creations: Mystery $22.09

Fuchsia pendant

Shpangle: Custom flower pendant, custom price

Nobile orchid

Hanamiusa: Nobile orchid necklace $55

Luck, anyone?


Craft4me: Pendant with real flower, price inquiry

This next rose one is so fragile.. amazing

Rose resin

Swaggerunique: Rosebud teardrop silver £19.99


Sisicata, Small moss pendant $44


Sisicata, Fluffy dandelion pendant $120

And then the winners HAD to be these:


Paisley Petals: Fresh flower rings $15-$25

Wearable planter

Colleen Jordan: Wearable planter no. 2 $32

Fresh, living flowers on your hand and neck!! It just doesn’t get better than that! <3

Claw rings

I morphed today! ..No I didn’t.

But me & my mom went market-browsing today and I DID find an awesome ring that makes me feel like I did!
(painted my nails in a hurry, don’t mind that LOL)

Claw ring

Claw ring

These rings are usually available in full sets, but sadly enough they weren’t all intact where I bought them.
In case you want to go clawing away yourself, here are some online shops to get you some too!


Noir jewelry: Cat woman long claw $280


Noir Jewelry: Cat Woman Claw $150

My ring is a dupe of this beautiful piece. But hey, I love mine just as much! I’d be so afraid to lose the Noir jewelry one!

Here’s where you can find yourself a dupe too:

Claw ring

Mr Z Jewelry: Claw Ring $26.99 for 15 rings
(Fun to share!!)

As far as sizing goes, you should be fine. These aren’t supposed to go past your knuckles. However, I tried them on my boyfriend and male sizing may vary.
He can’t wear mine on any finger cause his fingers are too wide. You might not want to immediately order the Noir jewelry ones!

Here are some completely different cool ones:

Claw ring

The moon and mars: Skeksis Claw Ring $ 117.58

Danielle Nicole Metals: Predator Rings Mini $70

Claw Ring

YiWu: Long Claw Ring §69 for 30 rings

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