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Teenie Turtles & OOTD

On a scale from 1 to 10 i’d rate today PRETTY PAWESOME.
labrador paw
Gave Tjoekedoes a good brushing to get rid of all the winter fluff!
labrador petting
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Vintage ‘n’ Retro Finds

I hadn’t planned on buying anything really. Just on my way to take care of some Hippo bznz.
Which is exactly when you find the best scores!
First stop was Jutka & Riska @ Nationalestraat.
Eclectic mix of vintage, designer and new pieces.
They scavenge for neat vintage stuff, and then design new items to match them!
cat clothing
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Catsuit Up: Muscle And Bone 2.0

I crossed the threshold – my first Black Milk item.
Muscle And Bone 1.0 slipped through my fingers so when I saw the 2.0 pop up I about stabbed the screen with my credit card.
Do mind: humans keep asking whether that’s my Halloween costume.
Sooo.. knife accessories?
skeleton catsuit
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Jewelry For My Fellow Oddlings.

HA you clicked this, that must mean you have some outlandish elements chaperoning you.
If blogging has taught me one thing it’s that i’m not alone in my kooky tastes.
So for all fellow wonky oddballs out there, have a look at this jewelry:

Eyeball belt buckle

anatomic jewelry
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Easter At Jollychic

Jollychic gave me a heads up on their Easter promotion, which I deemed most worthy of a shout-out.
First off there’s a sale going on that gives you up to 60% off on Easter picks:

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Much Wanted Closet Deposit

By the time we move into our new hangout it’ll be February.
Tegen de tijd dat we op ons stekje zitten zal het Februari zijn.
The most obnoxious part about moving isn’t the moving itself. It’s the everlasting mess around it.
I’d just like to thank everyone that’s been in contact one way or another – being on a blogging break made it very clear that the blog community is really about more than views so thank you! I appreciate the random blabs more than you know.
And meanwhile – window shopping as a cheap alternative to anger management classes: can do!
Here’s some goodies from the Beserk store I can totally imagine prancing around in. Click the images to travel to the store!
Het meest irritante aan verhuizen is nooit het verhuizen zelf. Eerder de oneindige rompslomp errond.
Ik wil graag even iedereen bedanken die op welke manier dan ook in contact gebleven is – in een blogpauze zitten heeft me echt doen inzien dat de blog community om meer draait dan alleen views dus dankje! Ik hou meer van de willekeurige babbels dan je weet.

Maar ondertussen – window shoppen als goedkoop alternatief voor anger management lessen: dat kunnen we zeker wel!
Hier zijn wat hebbedingetjes van de Beserk store die ik helemaal best zie zitten. Klik de afbeelding om naar de winkel te reizen!

Japan LA – Kittens & Ice Cream

icecream kitten
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Winner $100 Jolly Chic Shopping Credit

As promised i’m here with the giveaway winner! Huge thanks to Jolly Chic for letting me share this massive price, and now – insert drum roll..
Zoals beloofd ben ik hier met de giveaway winnaar! Een dikke dankjewel aan Jolly Chic om me deze gigantische prijs te laten delen en dan nu – insert tromgeroffel..
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