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Freeman Anti-Stress Mask

As soon as things start simmering down at work, there’s nothing that feels better to me than
– freshening up in the shower

– enter awesome lounge pants

– slapping on an uplifting  face treatment

– getting yourself a tasty drink (Turkish tea at the moment, hmmm..)

– waiting for the magic to happen while watching a show / playing a game ’cause you got the time!
After a week of not taking care of my skin so much I really notice the build-up of black spots. As fellow sensitive / extremely oily skinned people will concur, our skin throws hissy fits when it feels left out.
So really: what better way to show you whether a mask works or not than on a day like that. Here goes!
This time I went for a Freeman anti-stress mask with dead sea minerals. Oh and it’s supposed to purify and clean your pores as well. And replenish moisture.
A 1000-in-1 mask! Quite the promise.
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DIY: gentle gommage

After a hard day of work or school what feels better than just washing / scrubbing all that stress right off your skin!
It literally is the first thing I do.
That and snack.
Then read on! :D

What’s a gommage?

A method of exfoliating that’s been around for centuries, a spa treatment of all times..
It consists of a thick paste you apply in a thin layer.
Wait until it sets and rub it!
It will roll / ball up on you and take with it the dead skin cells.
There’s tons of over-the-counter gommages available but also a million ways to make your own.
Of course it is more labour-intensive than just a scrub, so it has become less popular over the years, but oh how it leaves your skin soft as a peach.. ^_^


There’s only two ingredients to this that you WILL probably have in your cabinets.
Not one of those DIY’s with ingredients in cabinets from the other side of the world. >_<
However I did attempt to get an exotic feel here to reflect that this is a recipe of all ages and cultures!
I hope you’re feeling the beautiful kajal vibe! ;)
DIY gommage
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Montagne jeunesse chocolate mask

Quick post before I go out for dinner and drinks with Hippo! We’ve been together for 4 years now, so time to pop a bottle! :)

The day before my interview I decided to slap on a mask, it really felt like I needed one. Little bumps everywhere, flaky nose and forehead, blackheads all over. Very weird, you’d say my skin went on a little party tour.
I would’ve gone for the fruit smoothie mask, however they didn’t have that one in stock so I went for the deep cleansing chocolate mask instead. My intention was to get something that would give me a bit of a cleanse, but at the same time give a serious nourishing boost!

Chocolate Masque


The choclate mask is supposed to be a creamy delight, with crushed Cocoa and ultra-moisturising Shea to leave skin silky soft. The Mediterranean Clay makes sure your skin gets cleansed and the sea salt gives it a nice glow.


Same as the other Montagne Jeunesse masks. There’s a good amount of product in the sachet, and it’s very hygienic, but still annoying! It was even worse with this one though.
Well, no it wasn’t, it was exactly the same. Only this time there was brown creamy stuff slathered all over my hands and the sachet. Which made it 10 times worse in my head.


Ick, didn’t care for it at all. Artificial sweetness, not really chocolaty.. not fresh either. Just off!


Same as the fruit smoothie mask. Creamy, easy to apply!


A clay mask again, so it hardens out to seal your skin off from air temporarily which makes the nutrients penetrate the skin better. It doesn’t harden out as much as the previous ones though i’d say. It stayed fairly creamy.
Besides that, no noticable effects once it was on my skin!


With the dead sea mud pac, I could really feel my skin prickling, that mask was really drawing everything out that shouldn’t be there! However when feeling no active ingredients in this one I kind of predicted it wouldn’t cleanse much, and as expected it didn’t. It did remove superficial dirt though, some of the blackheads were gone. But a real cleanser, definitely not.
After washing it off, my skin did feel pretty nourished again, which was goood since I brought a light, water-based foundation to wear the next day. A pretty watery foundation, so I couldn’t have any of it getting stuck behind the skin flakes! (Mmh, tasty.)

The verdict

It’s not a horrible mask, but if you want your skin to be nourished, there are tons of other Montagne Jeunesse options out there! And for a cleansing one that nourishes as well, i’d still rather go for the fruit smoothie.
Generally I don’t feel like this mask did much for my skin, it was an okay pick-me-up with the shea butter in there, and the sea salt did make my skin look fresh.
But there really are much better options out there!

A 20 gram mask runs for £1.09 on their website. As a customer, you’re able to select masks according to skintype, ingredients, etc. as well as see which ones are vegetarian, and vegan.

Getting to the roots with Montagne Jeunesse!

It’s 4 am and I can’t sleep because I feel like i’m suffering from a HEAT STROKE, so watching a movie with the boyfriend and a face mask it is! I couldn’t make any pictures though, words will have to do. ^_^

This week the dead sea mud pac is up!

Dead Sea Mud Pac

Another clay / mud mask! Just because they’re amazing!


This mask is supposed to penetrate deep into the pores, drawing out impurities. It’s nutrient rich with Seaweed & Kelp to help restore skins vitality leaving you cleansed to the core and totally relaxed.


Again with the inconvenient packaging, but I do still prefer it over a jar for the hygene.
The 5 gram sample size packaging was a bit too small for this one though, I don’t know where the difference lies, maybe because this one is a little thicker than the fruit smoothie mask. But I couldn’t put a nice layer on my entire face, I really had to choose my areas of attack!


Fresh, gah it reminded me of the time I went floating in the blue lagoon. Amazing! This mud pac has salt, lavender and seaweed in it, just try and imagine it. Kay, now a million times better!


Exactly the same as my fruit smoothie mask!


It’s another clay mask, so again it hardens out after a few minutes. By hardening up, it seals your skin off from air temporarily which makes the nutrients penetrate the skin.
This one felt a whole lot tighter than the smoothie mask, it really pulled at my skin. Besides that it prickled quite a bit as well, especially in the areas where I needed a little help. Heavy pore-sweeping alert!


My skin felt nice and tight afterwards, with a fresh look to it.
This cleansed my pores so nicely, and believe me, I was in need of a purge! I’d say 80% of the blackheads on my nose and cheeks were gone after using it.
The remaining ones were drawn to the surface, which may sound bad because you see them more, but it’s so much better. It makes it a ton easier for them to dissapear now.
Go swimming, sunbathing, working in the garden, even showering, and those blackheads are very likely to dissapear along with the others because they’re not stuck anymore.
I can definitely see myself using this mask every week just to relax and clear up my skin.

With the warm weather, my oily skin has really been living up to it’s expectations, so I needed a cleansing more than a moisturizer.
If you have dry or sensitive skin however, this mask will probably be too harsh and drying for you. In that case, the fruit smoothie mask would be awesome! It gives you a nice cleansing (not harsh enough for oily skin prone to blackheads in my opinion) and still is nourishing.

All in all, if any combination / oily skinned people are reading this, try this mask out in the summer! It feels great!

The verdict

This is Sujata’s favorite I heard, and I agree with her completely! I’d even put this above the smoothie mask, but it all depends on the time really.
At the moment I was in need of a really good cleanser so I went with this one. It gave me bright, refreshed skin.
Had I been in need of a hydrating mask, this one would’ve probably done more bad than good!

A 20 gram mask runs for £1.09 on their website. As a customer, you’re able to select masks according to skintype, ingredients, etc. as well as see which ones are vegetarian, and vegan.

On to the source of youth with Montagne Jeunesse!

This morning (while looking for my Gosh lipstain that seems to have fled) I was walking around the house with an extremely unflattering mask on my face and so I figured, let’s share this with the world!

I try to make a habbit out of putting on a mask every week, so why not share those when I do.. It might be interesting for other oily skinned people out there! I’ll make a seperate category for masks.

The Montagne Jeunesse masks have been among my favorites for a while now, mainly because I can buy them in small packets that cost me around 1.50 euros each. If you calculate how much that is per kilo, it’s not cheap. Buuut I feel less bad about these since I can buy them in little packs that don’t burn my wallet. Ahh psychology..

In amsterdam they sold these awesome trial size-packets, so I picked up a few while I was there.

Fruit smoothie

Fruit smoothie

I adore companies that are open about their testing policies and ingredients! ..And this is a drugstore brand!

Montagne Jeunesse is a brand that sells various skincare products, while focusing on natural ingredients. They don’t specialize in one skintype, instead you can choose creams and masks according to your personal skintype, mood, and how much free time you have on hand.
I think a lot of people, like myself, put great value in this. Many low- as well as high end brands have nice masks, but they do absolutely nothing on sensitive or combination to oily skin. Their range is often way too small to cater to every skintype.


Deep cleanse (yay blackheads) and moisturize your face. It should be like an awakening!
Suitable for all skintypes, even sensitive.


A bit annoying. Getting the product out and putting it on your face at the same time equals a big mess. I still prefer this over a jar though, these packets are way more hygienic.
You do get a good amount of product, this pack of 5 grams is just enough to cover my face. The normal 20 gram pack is way too much, I don’t use masks more than once a week and as my boyfriend refuses to put one on, half of it goes to waste!


Light and fresh. I can’t stand masks that make my eyes tear up. At times seriously feel like i’m putting a cloth soaked in perfume on my face.


creamy consistency

Creamy as you can see, and no bits and bobs. Super easy to apply.


It starts off as a cream, and hardens completely after a few minutes.


I wasn’t able to smile anymore!

This is a clay mask. By hardening up, it seals your skin off from air temporarily which makes the nutrients penetrate the skin. On my combination-oily skin, these hardening masks work best at clearing out my pores and making my skin soft as a peach.


It cleansed my skin nicely, and a lot of my blackheads had dissapeared. Not all of them were gone though.

As you can see on the picture the mask stayed pretty much intact as it dried up. When using an all-clay mask it tends to draw out even more dirt. The way you can tell this, is by looking at the mask as it dries. When you notice little dots appearing all over your face, where the clay seems to have “sunken in” to your pores, that’s when it’s really getting in there and taking care of business!

However, those are not as nourishing as this smoothie mask. This one really leaves my face soft, plump and radient after I wash it off. And when I apply my moisturiser after, my skin absorbs it right away.

The verdict

It would be even better if it cleansed my face completely as well. But then again I haven’t come across such a mask yet. And i’ve gone through quite a few!
This is just a simply a nice mask. This one, together with an avocado mask, are my two Montagne Jeunesse favorites.

A 20 gram mask runs for £1.09 on their website. They have an amazing website by the way, check it out here. As a customer, you’re able to select masks according to skintype, ingredients, etc. as well as see which ones are vegetarian, and vegan.

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