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Trial And Tell: Kruidvat Gezichtsschuim

We’re in the middle of a move at the moment (THE move, this Sunday this place will be empty, ICK!) but still, I wanted to share the little fiend that’s been giving me pimples.
We zitten op dit moment pal in het midden van een verhuis (DE verhuis, komende Zondag is deze plek leeg, ICK!) maar ik wilde toch even de kwelgeest delen dat mij puistjes heeft zitten geven.
kruidvat cleansing foam
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Freeman Anti-Stress Mask

As soon as things start simmering down at work, there’s nothing that feels better to me than
– freshening up in the shower

– enter awesome lounge pants

Рslapping on an uplifting  face treatment

– getting yourself a tasty drink (Turkish tea at the moment, hmmm..)

– waiting for the magic to happen while watching a show / playing a game ’cause you got the time!
After a week of not taking care of my skin so much I really notice the build-up of black spots. As fellow sensitive / extremely oily skinned people will concur, our skin throws hissy fits when it feels left out.
So really: what better way to show you whether a mask works or not than on a day like that. Here goes!
This time I went for a Freeman anti-stress mask with dead sea minerals. Oh and it’s supposed to purify and clean your pores as well. And replenish moisture.
A 1000-in-1 mask! Quite the promise.
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Lush T’eo Deodorant!

I read somewhere this is a thing only die hard “lushies” would test. Don’t know about that, all I knew is my cha-chas kept hurting from chemical deodorants and I needed a change.
This week is all about running around for me – which does provide the perfect circumstances to test this stuff to the MAX. ;D Let’s go!
lush deodorant
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Rituals Eau De Parfum: Violet + White Lily

I’d like to introduce you to the perfume that’s been accompanying me the past days!
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Pesky Little Under Eye Bumps?

Today i’m sharing something near and dear to my heart!
Nothing makes applying make-up easier than having a smooth base to work with.
Aka trying to look fresh after a horrific night of sleep is no smooth sailing, am I right? -_-‘
For the longest time I had these annoying teenie little bumps under my eyes that made my concealer all artificial and heavy looking because it just couldn’t smooth over them!
At one point I set out to learn why those little buggers appeared “randomly” and succeeded!
Now I know how to dispel them. Ha!

What do they look like?

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DIY: gentle gommage

After a hard day of work or school what feels better than just washing / scrubbing all that stress right off your skin!
It literally is the first thing I do.
That and snack.
Then read on! :D

What’s a gommage?

A method of exfoliating that’s been around for centuries, a spa treatment of all times..
It consists of a thick paste you apply in a thin layer.
Wait until it sets and rub it!
It will roll / ball up on you and take with it the dead skin cells.
There’s tons of over-the-counter gommages available but also a million ways to make your own.
Of course it is more labour-intensive than just a scrub, so it has become less popular over the years, but oh how it leaves your skin soft as a peach.. ^_^


There’s only two ingredients to this that you WILL probably have in your cabinets.
Not one of those DIY’s with ingredients in cabinets from the other side of the world. >_<
However I did attempt to get an exotic feel here to reflect that this is a recipe of all ages and cultures!
I hope you’re feeling the beautiful kajal vibe! ;)
DIY gommage
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Fav cruelty free moisturizer!

Does reading about new skincare products get you in a giddy mood too?
Especially cruelty free brands hook me to my screen, because let’s face it, those options are just not as versatile!
I’m here to share with you what i’ve been using for the past 5 months.
Which is – insert drumroll –¬†Beauty Without Cruelty’s Vitamin C & Q10 cream!
BWC vitamin C
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