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Manic Panic Enchanted Forest

Well I ended up not going trick or treating.. we just watched a scary movie on the couch.
Next year i’ll muster up the courage!
No one really does Halloween where I live at the moment, the most they would do (and then they’d have to be really courageous, mind you) is put on a silly hat to go party.

I applied for a job at a local carnival store last week, and ended up chatting with one of the owners about this city for a while.
She and her mom weren’t even sure whether it was going to be a good move coming out here or not.. and she still isn’t even.

The reason they went for it is because they offer custom tailoring, so they do have a specific clientel they can count on.
But besides that, oh lawdy.

I’ll bet anything there’s always a spider sitting on on the corner of a brave non commercial shop here, just waiting to move in again once they pack up.

BUT enough ranting, here’s my first REAL green hair review that has been long due already!
Let’s get into it!

Here’s the pics of this color:

after midnight


enchanted forest

enchanted forest

That’s how it looked the first.. 2 washes.
Soon enough, it lost all dark green and went back to bright turquoise.

Check out all of my hair colors up until now right here!

☺ pros

  • First of all! Not tested on animals, and vegan. ^_^
  • Vegetable based.
  • Lots of product in one tub, 118 ml opposed to 70 ml in a stargazer tube for example. So it’s more expensive, but you do get your money’s worth.
  • 118 ml is enough to cover my long hair, it comes down to my bust.
  • The smell isn’t bad. It’s generic.
  • You can leave it on for weeks if you like, it will only make your hair more healthy because it’s depositing nutrients and pigment in your hair.
  • Pretty nourishing, as they’re vegetable dyes which are essentially moisturizers.
    Not as much as the Special Effects dyes though,
    my hair needed some feeding, and this didn’t cut it, I went in with a mask.
  • This color became more vibrant, the longer you left it on.
    I’ve had issues with this before with manic panic dyes.
    The color became less vibrant and just darker, the longer I left it on, however with this color I got a really pretty, intense forest green.
    It could have something to do with the hue, a forest green is meant to be deep.
    The other Manic Panic color I tried was After Midnight, which is a very dark blue, so it leaned more toward black the longer I left it on.
  • It has a good amount of pigment. Not as much as the Special Effects, or Stargazer ones however. I find that those have so much pigment, that even when you leave the dye on for 4 hours, you still wash out an entire tub of colored water.
    This washed out nice and clear pretty fast, which saves you a LOT of fuss.
  • Doesn’t really stain your skin, proably because it doesn’t have that much pigment in it in the first place.
    However, like I said before:
    If you do have problems with staining, just take a cotton bud and go over the stained areas with some rubbing alcohol.
    It’ll get the pigment right off.
    My toner did this for me.

☹ cons

  • It STAINS like crazy, not my skin when I dye it, but my sheets! And white shirts! Ugh!
    Not even when it rains, no just.. every day all day.
    Which is why I will not be using this dye anymore..Sad to say, because I really.. REALLY enjoyed the color!Proof:
enchanted forest

That might not be a big deal to some, but I love white sheets!
It does wash right out, thankfully.
As the hairdye does on my hair..

  • It washes out pretty fast, just like After Midnight.
    After 7 washes you will probably need to dye again to keep the color decent.
    It might stay in a bit longer if you cowash it every once in a while (like this).

The verdict:

I had such high hopes for this dye!!
But Manic Panic just doesn’t cut it for me.

Even though the color is amazing, who wants green sheets. And shirts.
I don’t want to have to think about my hair 24/7 to make sure it doesn’t transfer, heck no!

This dye retails around 11 euros, and can be bought here.

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