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Trial And Tell: Kruivat Salon Expert Droogshampoo

You think us females have clean hair 24/7? HAH oh dry shampoo our Lord and Savior!
I was rambling to a friend about looking like a walking snowstorm when using this one though, to which she responded with: venture forth and rid the world of this danger!
So off we go! Accio!
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Directions Rose Red

For the longest time I was stuck in hair limbo – but no more!
Solliciting for a job and craving some color doesn’t always combine well but I think I found my comfy in-between zone!
Here’s a color hint for ya!

Zooo lang dat ik vastzat in een soort haar limbo –  weg daarmee!
Voor jobs gaan solliciteren en nood hebben aan wat kleur combineert niet altijd even fijn maar ik denk dat ik mijn knusse tussenstop gevonden heb!
Hier is een kleur hint!

rose haarverf
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10 Chopstick Hairstyles

I was just wildly flattered that someone actually asked for more chopstick hairstyles so here we go!
chopstick hair tutorial

There’s no end to what you can do with some random sticks!
Apparently I have a mullet going on which I had absolutely no idea about, gorgeous!!
Excuse me while I get a shiny track suit and a headband.
Have a great Monday, 11 more days and it’s Halloweeeen! I actually got an assignment for that today, it involves a Chuckie, a creepy porcelain doll and.. a bad ass wounded man!
So excited to make those people transform into other characters! It’ll be a first – ICK!
~ Anouchka

Current Hair Masque: Organic Root Stimulator

Up until a couple of months ago my hair had to endure some serious bleaching, and now it needs the fair share of nourishment.
Still though it’s only because of a friend’s comment on my last hair video really that it dawned on me it might be nice to share what i’m using to bring my hair back to life!
Yup that’s the kind of professional I am! Ahum – hum. :)
Anyway the masque I use is actually meant for ‘fros, Organic Root Stimulator’s Olive Oil Hair Masque.
Some intense stuff right here.
olive oil hair masque
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15 Second Chopstick Updo (literally)

None of that 15 seconds BUT you need 30 tools and can’t be clumsy – crap! All you need for this is:

  • A stick of some sort
  • Hands of some sort
  • 15 seconds

And nothing more!
It used to confuse classmates because apparently they thought I got up early just to work at this ‘do.
Please! The snooze button is my best friend!

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SOS Hair Knots

I found a monster in my hair today.
It was mean, already ate half of my hair, and wanted to eat my entire head.
Of course I snapped a picture for the blog before I had to run!
Here’s how I detangle those ultimate monster knots. ^_^
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Where did my hair go & Kruidvat permanent dye review

Do you know that buzzing feeling sometimes when you just NEED something to change?
hair chopping
My hair was feeling limp and looking brassy anyway from the coloring before, it’s still strawberry blonde underneath.
It kept bunching up in giant knots, literally two giant knots on the sides of my head.
Just not good.
And so I chopped almost half off again!
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