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Review: My Pretty Zombie Noxious Agents

First off, DING!
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Review: My Pretty Zombie Brisket

With¬†9 more MPZ shadows on the way, I figured i’d swatch the second one in my collection already!
Brisket baby.
mpz swatches
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FOTD: Splash Of Faerie

Prepare for ultimate fluttery lashes in 3-2-1:
rhinestone lashes
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FOTD: Lambda Luv

Whipped out some new goodies from BornPrettyStore today to slather on a nuclear Half Life look!
As orange is the main “good” accent color throughout the game I went for a bright pop of that, and kept the rest clean. Accompanied by a little lambda to represent the rate of radioactive decay. And the resistance. And dog!
half life make up
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Haul: Vegan Nars Yachiyo Brush Dupe

Good brushes are a pleasure to find and a treasure to keep.
Born Pretty Store asked me to pick some spoils on their website.
First off, being Dutch and all, i’m not one to turn down goodies (bring it on in.) but one particular item caught my eye in a flash.
The Handmade Rattan Blush Brush.


Fully armored it arrived on my doorstep!
Yachiyo Brush Dupe
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Catrice Liquid Metal

Ladies, meet internet. Internet, meet my new friends!
liquid metal swatches
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Black Radiance: Urban Jungle

I got a package and its name is awesome!
Nonpareil sent me another palette, and this time it actually reached me! Nothing short of a miracle.
Apparently packages randomly vanish where I live, someone else here is having good fun with this palette as well!
(They sent this to me to create a look with it, though as you know i’ll show you the quality of this palette straight up, no applying it wet or with primer, no one likes cheats.)
black radiance swatches
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