Catsuit Up: Muscle And Bone 2.0

I crossed the threshold – my first Black Milk item.
Muscle And Bone 1.0 slipped through my fingers so when I saw the 2.0 pop up I about stabbed the screen with my credit card.
Do mind: humans keep asking whether that’s my Halloween costume.
Sooo.. knife accessories?
skeleton catsuit

Yeah seems casual enough, off to work then.
Please, no it’s not for Halloween! I’ll be wearing this all year round!


skeleton catsuit
Note to self: shouldn’t have clenched arms, possibly resemble Lying Figure.
lying figuref
skeleton catsuit
skeleton catsuit
So the print runs all the way around, then there’s a seam down the back and the inner part of the legs:
skeleton catsuit
The one in the back isn’t that noticeable but the inner leg annoys me, that one actually splits the print.

How to catsuit


Flutter is my friend

The get-up itself is pretty tight, to avoid feeling like a litte sausage I like layering it with something flowy.
A sudden switch in shape also makes for an interested eye I feel!
skeleton catsuit
skeleton catsuit
skeleton catsuit
Yes I do own a million grandma sweaters as Hippo calls them. Not a single meep was given that day, I love snuggly tents!
As for colors, I try to either match them to the suit – or black.

Keeping it simple

The way I see it the catsuit attracts enough attention, so I (try to) keep the jewelry minimal!
skeleton catsuit
skeleton catsuit
Custom made dog tags! Visit your local cobbler if you want you some.
skeleton catsuit
Or a chunky chain and a faux leather accent on the vest..
skeleton catsuit
Then with the skull sweater my Replay dubloon ring.
Anything with sort of a cool feel will do really!

Neat feet

These bordeaux imitation velvet creepers from H&M are probably my favorite to pair the suit up with!
skeleton catsuit
Also: chunky platforms. Bit cool, bit of height, bit of butt lift.
skeleton catsuit
Or just loose black boots!
skeleton catsuit

The verdict

The fact that the material is thick enough to provide some support is a gooood thing for curvier types like me.
I love how there’s no seams on the outer part of the legs. Happens way to often. How is that flattering!
Incredible customer service. I mailed them my measurements and they custom edited the size.
Mind you: bigger cupped ladies might want to wear a bra under these though, the suit tends to smash your chimichongas.
Get yours here!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Wow!Fantastic!
    I like it!
    And you re so pretty!

  2. Wat ziet die er apart uit! But you are rocking it! :D

  3. How much fun and enough attention indeed!! I love the nametags trend, wore themself when I was small (running off all the time made easier).

  4. I love it, your ideas are always the best!

  5. Love those ankle boots with it. I don’t think I’m quite brave enough to pull it off but it looks amazing on you! ^_^


  6. Hmm, my sister is a nurse… I’d better send her the link to your blog. I liked the boots too… you always look fabulous!!!

  7. I love the boots with it for contrast. This thing’s just amazing. Bet some medical staff/nurses I know will be rushing to get one. Like you say – all year long with assorted tops. Very cool

  8. wow I thought it was body paint at first lol!! 😁cute cat pose!

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