FOTD: Feather Lashes

Saving the best for last!
Two of my friends simultaneously yelled “YAS” as soon as I linked these to them, so may I present to you the second item Born Pretty sent over:
blue feather lashes

Blue freaking polka dot lashes.
I shall now demonstrate their power:
blue feather lashes
Now I did dress for the occasion. Meet Freddy.
blue feather lashes
You see the link there?
blue feather lashes
Please don’t leave me looking like a crazy person.
The lashes do sort of look like sea-tastic bubbles right?
blue feather lashes
blue feather lashes
blue feather lashes
Now, as for how they wear!
These are incredibly wide, don’t be afraid do snip them to size to avoid making it look like they’re eating your eyeballs. I chopped a little over one centimeter off of every lash.
Where you cut them is up to you, have a look at the feathers and see what fits best!
As for weight, the comfort-level is off the charts. Since they’re feathers they weigh a LOT less than full-on synthetic lashes.
My favorite way to wear them would be like today, with filled brows and a thick black liner. It makes the lashband blend in and the blue stand out!
Combine with a peach blush to counter that blue and make everything pop even more!
To keep them in shape: clean the band & stash them in the original box after use, and they’re ready to go again!
These babies can be purchased right here.
Don’t forget to use my coupon ANWH10 for another 10% off!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Those are awesome, but they must be in your line of view! I think that would make slightly neurotic… :P

  2. Those are the most fun ever! (Will they provide enough shade you won’t need sun glasses? giggles) Love the dots – great color on you

  3. Those are some pretty cool lashes, and not surprisingly you look great in them! I wonder what the cats would think if I sported a set of those?! :-D

  4. They are absolutely stunning!

  5. Ooh OMG ze zijn wel gaaf zeg!! :D Je maakt er ook zo’n mooie wing bij! :)

  6. Thay are so beautiful lashes!
    I love the result on your eyes!
    Nice pics!
    Very happy to find your blog again after my health problems.

  7. Love the look, Anouchka!! Goes perfect with that great smile. :)

  8. These are gorgeous!! So beautiful on you!

    • Thanks! Would Daisy be afraid if you were to show up with lashes like these? It might just make the birds happy over there though, remind them of the exciting tropical continents they frequent!

  9. It looks great… it’s always amazing what long (really long) lashes can do :o)

  10. You already have very very beautiful eyes though, no need for extra lashes but nice review :)

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