Haul: Vegan Nars Yachiyo Brush Dupe

Good brushes are a pleasure to find and a treasure to keep.
Born Pretty Store asked me to pick some spoils on their website.
First off, being Dutch and all, i’m not one to turn down goodies (bring it on in.) but one particular item caught my eye in a flash.
The Handmade Rattan Blush Brush.


Fully armored it arrived on my doorstep!
Yachiyo Brush Dupe

Hunting vegan brush alternatives isn’t an easy quest. But this one can hold its own, have a look.


The synthetic bristles come lodged in an incredibly lightweight rattan handle.
At first it they looked fairly cramped, but they freed themselves as soon as I started poking them!
Yachiyo Brush Dupe
Applying powders to the tip of this brush is the way to go, it gives you your precision and the domed shape will help blend as you’re applying.



Yachiyo Brush Dupe



Yachiyo Brush Dupe
Pushing the bristles down beyond this point really makes them push back. No stabbing to be found though, soft and sweet.


Now for a full frontal, so you can see there’s no awkward strays partying around.
Yachiyo Brush Dupe
A wild Hippolyth appeared.
Yachiyo Brush Dupe


Nars Yachiyo: $55, Handmade Rattan : $6.28.
The bargain queen in me is screaming.
Affordable and vegan, i’m going to get a back up for my kit and keep this one for myself.
I’ll be using it to powder the face or the under-eye area, create some cheekbones, highlight, bronze and contour.
Check them out here with worldwide free shipping, don’t forget to add the ANWH10 coupon for an exclusive discount!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. That’s a steal for sure! It looks kind of flimsy though, just judging from first impressions, but maybe that’s just me.

    • It might just be the look of that very thin handle vs the tip :D as I was saying to Sunny below, the Nars Yachiyo camp is very divided as well. It takes some getting used to, holding-wise, more of a light hand versus clamping the brush, which i’m enjoying a lot!

  2. Oh that is a bargain indeed!!! I’ve seen NARS Yachiyo in real life, but for some reason I wasn’t really impressed. I’m not too sure if it’s the handle or something else that bothers me a little. I’m glad to hear this one works so well for you though!

    • The camp seems to be super divided about that brush! Some people consider it a holy grail and some don’t want anything to do with it! It does get me interested, it might be the handle as you say because the thin rattan does feel a lot different!

  3. YOUR NAILS!!!! That color looks fabulous on you. Hi to Hippo! And the brushes sound fabulous.

  4. Oehhh want want want!!

  5. It’s a great brush, I always think a good brush makes the difference between diva and clown :o) btw: what’s the name of your nail color?

  6. The brush looks super but your nails are to die for :D

  7. You are having waaaay to much fun. Do love the new hair look – classic!

    • Thank you! I really wasn’t to be honest, my camera broke and even with an ISO of 1600 my pictures are incredibly dark. Not very fun! Looking for a new one as we speak. One that won’t break the bank.

  8. Looks great. My real issue is with small angled brushes for eye liner or detail. They always seem to wear out faster than any others. Do you have any tips of suggestion of good ones?

    ~ Amy

  9. Your nails, they’re damn gorgeous! Mooie brush trouwens, heel uniek, om te zien, maar hij lijkt mij heel damn soft on tha faaaace. Haha, hippo erbij, cute!

  10. Buy the brush and hippo appears? that’s a new marketing strategy :P

  11. Hi Anouchka! Hi to Hippo as well. Nice to see you on! That’s a big brush, love the nail colour too. Hope your summer and all is well for you both. :) Hey, you chopped your hair off, looks good!!

    • Ahhh it’s actually warm over here now John, it’s great! Except for the fact that Belgian climate can’t handle it I suppose and we got a supercell with giant hailstones. We never get insane weather like that over here, that’s usually reserved for the USA! So we just crawled under the bed like unprepared scaredy cats.

      • Really? No severe thunderstorms, lightning, damaging winds and of course, tornadoes?

        Consider yourself lucky! I grew up at the north end of Tornado Alley as it’s called. Severe storms are frequent, common.

        When I was 8 years young, I heard a tornado a few miles away, tearing things apart. Scary stuff for an 8 year old in 1968!

        Summer has returned to the Valley – it’s 103 outside just now, typical, normal weather in the desert. We just don’t get tornadoes, snow, sleet or any of that stuff here, even in winter. It get’s cool but not freezing for longer than a few hours…

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