FOTD: Much Doge, So Egg

Hmm? What is that peculiar shiny pendant over there!

Poof! It’s a pooch! Hehe. In honor of this silliness I thought i’d paint my eyes gold and blue today like the egg!
turquoise bronze eye
This Max baked quad in Brown & Beige is rad! Used dry it’s a pretty ordinary palette but wet your bush and kablam!
I like to really get in there and create a thick paint almost, liquid metal anyone?!
And unlike with the Dior baked quads for example, the quality of these stays the same no matter how many times you attack them with water.
For 1.29 euros that’s some insane quality.
turquoise gold eye
A white base will help these colors stand out more! I used an Inglot gel liner as always.
The gold then went all over the lid and up into the crease.
I patted the darker, cooler bronze onto the outer corner, winged it out and popped it right into the crease as well.
Blend with the gold!
Then choose your favorite happy blue shade and pop that right into the inner corners, blending it out with the gold yet again.
Sleek Dip It Duo liner and mascara went on the top lashline to finish it off, and some more gold along the bottom lashline.
turquoise bronze eye
On the lips i’m wearing a Milani Full Coverage Shimmer Lipgloss in Quick Flash, balancing out the eyes with a cool tone!
On my cheeks, forehead and temples a wash of bronzer.
turquoise bronze eye
turquoise gold eye
turquoise bronze eye
Pops on the inner corner never dissapoint, they instantly lift standard up to sassy! Tranquil to quirky!
Whenever I see someone adding a splash of color to their make up I feel an instant connection going on.
It doesn’t happen a lot though! Not nearly as much as it should!
Splash along?


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Oh my word they’re like Inglots! Beautiful!

  2. Oeeehh deze vind ik echt supermooi!! :)

  3. That is just SO beautiful. I am definitely going to try this!

  4. The pendant is lovely and you are lovely as well with your gold and blue eyes**

  5. This look is gorgeous! I’m a big fan of the little pop of vibrant colour on the inner corner of the eye. So pretty!

  6. Beautiful eyes, and I LOVE your new short hair! How did I miss the cutting of, there must be a post yes?

  7. I always thought blue shadow and brown is is not really a perfect match, but you look gorgeous! Many thanks for a super idea!

  8. Wauw perfectie in een ooglook!

  9. Very sassy and quirky – and so are your eyes ;-)

  10. Glossybox review on my page in the morning :D

  11. Very nice! of course, I credit your beautiful eyes first and foremost. :)

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