8tea5: Strawberry Popping Boba

Enterrrr the noms! But first let me pull out the wictionary.
Traditional boba are tapioca “pearls” used in a drink called Bubble Tea, which is from Taiwan. The tapioca pearls are gummy little additions that people slurp up large straws in their sweetened tea.
Popping Boba
Popping boba aren’t the traditional tapioca balls of bubble tea. In fact, they aren’t chewy at all, and they have a very thin outer membrane that bursts sweet liquid as soon as you bite into them.
Okido! Well a bubble tea bar here in Antwerp has recently started selling their popsters to-go, curiosity made me do it.

As soon as you open the container a sweet-n-tangy strawberry scent pops out to dance in your face.
The bobas come submerged in juice to keep them nice and plump!
These specific popsters are vegan, as most are.
Best to check yours to make sure as always, but the gelling agent is usually an alginic acid: seaweed!
Hmmm.. fighting the urge to not chomp them just like that.
So far i’ve been decorating my yoghurt with them as a little treat, with some sugar sprinkled on top.
Other uses include:
In your bubble tea! (And here I thought we would NEVER figure that one out!)
Frozen yoghurt topping!
Ice cream topping!
In your bubbly!
In your cocktail!
On your shaved ice!
Over your fruit salad!
In your iced tea!
Etc etc.
So yes! For a party in your mouth please refer to your nearest bubble tea shop.
Or here‘s where i’ll be buying them from next, as our shop only carries mango and strawberry.
7 lbs is massive by the way, mine is about 1 lbs so one tub should literally last you for ages. Keep them chilled and submerged, and the shelf life will be around one year.


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I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. I love bubble tea! have you heard of the dessert called Mango Pomelo Sago? it’s amazing, creamy cream and coconut milk with mangoes, pomelo and sago pearls that are quite similar to bubbles.

  2. ik ben wel al een aantal keer bubble tea gaan drinken daar, maar ik wist niet dat je de popsters ook mee kon nemen, superleuk! want antwerpen is toch wel altijd een eindje

  3. Omnomnom! I wanna squish them… for some strange reason… make then squirt! (okay that sounds all pervy but I didn’t mean it like that)

    • That’s what she said har har! If you had a container of these you’d just go “raaaaahhh >:D squirt pop pop squish” the squirting part really is ridiculously amusing between your teeth though.

  4. So different, love it! Never tasted any of the two, but heard of the first and seen them in green drinks. Yours look a lot like caviar but than vegan.

  5. Oh my goodness, what a discovery! Do they make coffee infused ones??? My mouth is watering just thinking of it!

  6. It looks really good :) I first thought it was a bodycream haha.

  7. And those red things look tasty.

  8. Well that puts a different twist on the boba! for it to pop is a great idea for changing it up :)

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