Much Wanted Closet Deposit

By the time we move into our new hangout it’ll be February.
Tegen de tijd dat we op ons stekje zitten zal het Februari zijn.
The most obnoxious part about moving isn’t the moving itself. It’s the everlasting mess around it.
I’d just like to thank everyone that’s been in contact one way or another – being on a blogging break made it very clear that the blog community is really about more than views so thank you! I appreciate the random blabs more than you know.
And meanwhile – window shopping as a cheap alternative to anger management classes: can do!
Here’s some goodies from the Beserk store I can totally imagine prancing around in. Click the images to travel to the store!
Het meest irritante aan verhuizen is nooit het verhuizen zelf. Eerder de oneindige rompslomp errond.
Ik wil graag even iedereen bedanken die op welke manier dan ook in contact gebleven is – in een blogpauze zitten heeft me echt doen inzien dat de blog community om meer draait dan alleen views dus dankje! Ik hou meer van de willekeurige babbels dan je weet.

Maar ondertussen – window shoppen als goedkoop alternatief voor anger management lessen: dat kunnen we zeker wel!
Hier zijn wat hebbedingetjes van de Beserk store die ik helemaal best zie zitten. Klik de afbeelding om naar de winkel te reizen!

Japan LA – Kittens & Ice Cream

icecream kitten


Kreepsville 666 – Heart Red


Beserk – Medic


Punk Rave – Deciever


Sourpuss – Eye Wanna Dance


Living Dead Clothing – Mermaid Skin


Hell Bunny – Mae West Dress


T.U.K. Shoes – Emerald Velvet Fox


Funtasma – Contessa 57


T.U.K. Shoes – Galaxy Combat Boot


Hot Chocolate – Flats

Dorky enough to eat, those flats!
Seems like my being is craving some unique drapings! New city, new statement pieces. Happy hump day!
Sullig genoeg om op te eten, die flats!
Het lijkt erop dat mijn wezen verlangt naar wat unieke draperingen! Nieuwe stad, nieuwe statement pieces. Happy hump day!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. I can’t decide which I love more countessa shoes or galaxy boot :D

  2. Awww, good luck with your move. Moving is so stressful particularly if (like me) you can’t stand mess and disorganization. I hope that everything settles down soon.

    • Yup! Oh then you must know the feeling of looking for that ONE thing you made sure to tuck away safely for the move, so you’d definitely find it. -_-‘ Particularly the screws of the bed right now over here.

  3. The contessa shoes and the fox shoes are just too cute!!

    ~ Amy

  4. Oh window shopping is just the best…especially while in the midst of a move! The kittens and ice cream dress has me giggling!

  5. You find the coolest stuff – even amid chaos!
    (Never enough shoes) After days of being stuck inside, all this really cheered me up…spring is coming!

    • Never enough shoes. I can say that again, now that they’re at their new destination. But oh did I curse at them when moving.
      Stuffed them between matrasses, closets,.. into the nooks of the van. Open the van – shoes tumble out. -_-‘ Full force ahead to spring! I can’t wait either. Cool yet toasty enough for just dresses and stockings. Did you have problems with the storm last week?

      • Last Friday was bitter cold with snow and ice. Didn’t go out as roads were so bad. The it was almost 70and sunny then another cold storm.This week has been cold, but little more than a few flurries. Finally some sun today…watermelon shoe time!
        Did some shoes get to keep/travel in their shoeboxes – while others are tossed and jumbled together in a big box when moving? Always a quandry

      • That’s some messy weather over there, can’t even imagne not being able to go outside. Still waiting for “snow days” around here. Belgian weather is tons more straightforward and mild, think we’re skipping the really cold temperatures here this year. Or at least that seems to be what the birds are chirping about. Exactly right about the shoeboxes!

  6. Love those watermelon flats! That sloth is just creepy looking… ;) Good to hear from you, was wondering how you been. :)

    • Ohh you know that he’s probably on his way to you now right? To give you a big.. hug? Haha. I miss the blogosphere.. can’t wait to get back into reading and writing. The longer I hold off on posting the more I feel I can’t post anything trivial, I miss the spontaneous feeling. How have you and Rebekah been?

  7. Nice choices! so, will there be a fashion runway photo shoot with you and these? :D

  8. I love the T.U.K . shoes ( and now the song is in my head… what does the fox say LOL)

  9. It’s all so YOU, and those fox shoes are TO DIE FOR! I love the medic skirt, too.

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