FOTD: Deconstructed Smokey Eye

Still sticking with the laid back not-so-perfect idea here, and even going one step further today I suppose!
I grabbed a pigment with a dark smokey base and applied that liberally all around the eye with a damp brush.
We blijven nog even in de relaxte niet-zo-perfect sfeer, en gaan zelfs nog een stapje verder vandaag!
Ik greep een pigment met een donkere “smokey” basis en bracht dat vrijgevig rond het oog aan met een vochtige kwast.
simple smokey eye
illamasqua metallic pigment

See the microfine glitter particles? Yeah you bet those were tickling their way across my face! Just kept at it, packing it on where it seemed right and cleaned the face with a wet wipe afterwards. How liberating applying shadow like that!
Zie je die micro glitter deeltjes? Yeah reken maar dat die over mijn gezicht heen aan het kriebelen waren! Ik bleef gewoon doorgaan, aanbrengen mwaar het leek te passen en daarna friste ik het gezicht op met een voctig doekje. Hoe verfrissend om zo te werken!
One other shadow went into the crease for some added depth, Inglot’s 360.
Nog één andere kleur ging in de crease voor wat diepte, Inglot’s 360.
pixi zuzana
Some gel liner, mascara, and the lips polished with Pixi’s Zuzana for some (effortless) shine.
Wat gel liner, mascara, en de lippen gelakt met Pixi’s Zuzana voor wat (moeiteloze) glans.
simple smokey eye
simple smokey eye
simple smokey eye
simple smokey eye
Effect over perfection!
Have a great weekend! I suggest we all rock a deconstructed smokey eye hehe!
Effect over perfectie!
Fantastisch weekend! Ik stel voor dat we allemaal een gedeconstrueerde smokey eye rocken hehe!!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  2. I miss your posts boohoo!!

    • Marisa! Aww I appreciate you remembering my little webspace :D I miss the blogosphere!! But we’re almost there – mid February we get internet and then we’re moving in. Without the www we’d perish over there. Is that very bad? Lol!

      • :) Naw…it’s a way of connecting. i know people are like real life connecting is better and it is, but then again…I met my husband through blogging, and two other super cool people that are now part of my life, so I have a different perspective.

      • You met Nate through blogging? That’s so sweet – and modern! Connecting via blogs is different, can’t compare it to real life. It’s such a kick knowing someone across the planet and you are like carbon-copies right? I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: I think you’d be an amazing coffee buddy!

      • Anouchka – I agree!!! Yeah Nate actually wanted to meet me because he read a blog I used to write about general life stuff. It wasn’t girly makeup stuff. :) After reading my blog for a few months I (without knowing) moved four hours closer to him to go to college. He took that as a sign and came to see me. After a weird first meeting (he still likes to remind me how rude I was to him), we shortly thereafter hit it off and realized we were soul mates. :)

      • One day when I can travel all over the world…..

  3. Ziet er rockend uit! Wat een glans komt er van die oogschaduw, mooi graniet-achtig.

  4. very pretty girl!!!! Nice nice nice!

  5. Wat een geweldige look heb je gemaakt! Inderdaad een perfecte glam rock look!

  6. Wat een prachtige look heb je weer gemaakt <3 Ik ben altijd gelijk fan van élke look die je maakt hihi

  7. Wow I love the pigment. The eyelook looks good! :D

  8. Wauw, prachtige smokey eye look. Ik hou hier zó van maar op de één of andere manier lukt het me dus NOOIT om zelf een mooie look te maken helaas! Het staat jou echt super glamorous!

    Als je het gezellig vind ben je van harte uitgenodigd om vandaag mee te doen aan mijn linkparty! Hierin kun je reclame maken voor je eigen blog door middel van een foto en een link! Tof toch?! Als je zin hebt om mee te feesten let me know!

    Liefs en een fijne zondag, xox

  9. Ooooowww yeah, love it! You know i love a good smokey eye, and this glittery version is really fab. Glam grunge, I love that :-)

  10. Wauw het Illamasqua pigment is zó prachtig! Heel mooi gecombineerd!

  11. Great! You can be the star of every party btw: is it common that lip boosters are a little strange on the lips? It feels like the anesthetic injection of the dentist :o)

    • Hahaha yeah I know what you’re talking about, 100% :D I sort of like that feeling if it’s not too strong. Though this one doesn’t do very much plumping, and I don’t feel it either.

  12. Thank you for this lovely post!
    Tres jolis clichés!ce maquillage est vraiment top!
    bisous et bo weekend!
    have a fab weekend!

  13. Oh wow, wish I had seen this yesterday lol, you totally rock that smokey! (I need to do this for my next exam!)

    • Sounds like a plan, then at least you have that to look forward to! Might make Excel less bland. And then random glitter starts falling off during the exam impairing your vision.. nooo but you seee ‘t was glitter, you MUST understand! :c

  14. waaauw wat mooi met die glitter! en wat zijn je wenkbrauwen prachtig in vorm

  15. Oh, I love this look… and maybe even I can pull that one off!!

  16. Wowie, prachtig hoe je die oogschaduw hebt gecombineerd met de geweldige Illamasqua pigment. De combinatie is gorgeous, echt wauwie. Wauw. Wauw. Wauw. In de zon. WAUW! FIERCE!

  17. Reblogged this on Wear Your Vitamins and commented:
    Anouchka does a brilliant smokey eye with just the right balance of color on her lips and face.

  18. Anouchka this is like my favorite look ever on you! BEAUTIFUL! I love peaches and pinks with really smokey neutral eyes (like not purple smokey, or green smokey, but geniune smoke smokey). Incredible!

    • I know what you mean, me too. (Though in the end I usually end up going for a pink that’s way too “pasted on” with a smokey). Think glosses balms or stain will be my new thing with it, they look so much more modern! Thanks for such sweet words Marisa, your support means a ton!

  19. I’m out for a friend’s birthday tomorrow evening and that is the perfect look for it! ^_^

    ~ Amy

  20. I’m in love with this….so chic!!! I will definitely try it :-)

  21. layering and applying for depth (the light reflecting sparkles , too) adds to the drama – keeps it away from all on the surface look

  22. Veel glitters, maar voor een feestje heel leuk! X

  23. Don’t forget my flick tutorial you promised me :D

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