Antwerp Haulin’!

Me and a fellow MUD student jumped on the train to Antwerp for some ferreting around yesterday!
Behold what I conquered!
snoecks 2008

snoecks 2008
I guess you could say I went hooter hunting.
snoecks 2008
I love how every time you open your Snoecks – you bump into something new.
snoecks 2008
Be it about cultures, sights to see, animals, science or fashion! But visuals are added throughout the whole almanac which is lovely!
snoecks 2014
The 2014 90 year edition features some cool celeb shots as well.
Then some lashes & knuckle rings from H&M, yummy Jelly Belly beans and hair dye! Directions Rose Red!
Yayus! I’m just pondering on whether to dye my entire ‘do or just the ends. Any thoughts?
Popped on some of those rings today, I like! They do feel funny. ;D
Finally got actual tapioca pearls in a western bubble tea bar! The guy behind the counter was super proud to be able to say the have the real deal. I got a taro one!
forever 21 skirt
Then one frivolous polka dot skirt from Forever21. ^_^ I couldn’t just turn my back to polka dots right.
forever 21 studded skirt
More dots from Forever 21! I just know i’ll be swishing my hips all day just to hear the studs tick.
Imagine ice cubes rolling around in a glass, that’s how pleasant this skirt sounds.
Time to move on to Xmas shopping!
I think the best thing about a present is knowing someone listened to you during the year and put in effort to get something you like!
I love it, and it stresses me out like no other!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. An H&M just opened about an hour from where i live last week, and I can’t wait to check it out! I love all of your finds, and will have to google those books you got, i’ve not heard of them before :-)

    • Ohh that’s dangerous lol! I tend to stay away from that store unless I know I have some money left to spend. Always something fun to see – especially skirts and shirts!

  2. This was such fun to read!! Do all of your hair!! :)

  3. Ooooo love the polka dot skirt! Super cute!

    ~ Amy

  4. Fabulous finds – especially the Forever 21 skirt with studs. Love!

  5. Wat een onwijs leuke ringen. En leuke blog heb je :) Ik ga je volgen. X

  6. So, you’re buying things for other people next? :D Love your finds.

    • Yes! It’ll be a while before I buy the presents too. The biggest part of it is coming up with the perfect gift, looking up reviews, checking where to get it, etc. The buying only takes a day. x)

  7. I thought you were moving! Great photos up top there. ;)

  8. Die rokken vind ik zo ontzttend gaaf, wauwie! Ik wil ook een keer naar de F21, lijkt me zo’n leuke winkel! Binnenkort maar eens een shoptripje naar Antwerpen plannen denk ik zo

  9. Ah polkadots! Vind het rokje geweldig! :) Ik ga op 15 december een dagje kerstshoppen in Antwerpen en misschien vlieg ik ook wel even de Forever21 in ;) hihi.
    Ik zou je haar alleen dippen onderin, dan kan je het daarna altijd nog helemaal doen maar ik vind het onderin denk ik wat artistieker ;)

    • Ohh ik ga even voorspellen dat je daar gaat neuzen.. ;D nieuwsgierigheid boven alles toch! Kga nog een dagje wachten en erover nadenken.. onderin is inderdaad nog wat specialer. Hmmm..

  10. The last skirt is just GREAT! I like F21, it’s a nice store and they had super black friday deals. btw: the guy in the magazine reminds me a little of someone :o)

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