This Just In: Romwe

In my previous post a Romwe package popped up which contained two dresses and a bucket of bullshit.
Let’s start with the fact that the clothing flew in directly from a warehouse in China, it didn’t even touch USA ground. For a former “vintage specialty shop” that seems like giant mass production. But then the tracking is 100% Chinese as well. There’s a translator but that thing is way too slow, and Google translate gives you a very.. broad translation as usual.

Apparently that means it’s not in Belgium yet. Every single update translates into this lovely Myst-worthy cryptic language.
Cut-out Wings Embellished Blue Dress
The dresses did arrive perfectly though, sealed in plastic so thick i’m wondering whether it even belongs in the regular trash.
Dress number one is the Cat Face Black Dress, which was €37.20.
Cat Face Black Dress
The fabric is okay, synthetic but decent looking until you see it close up. The only thing is that it wrinkles INSTANTLY.
It goes: “You want to lean against something? Suuure – go ahead.. HAHA I made a wrinkle.” evil sob.
Cat Face Black Dress
Then the seams are really poorly stitched and i’m afraid i’ll rip the fabric when I put it on – since there’s no zipper..
Cat Face Black Dress
The bow is pretty cute though, and it’s attached by pin so comes off as well. Which is perfect.
Cut-out Wings Embellished Blue Dress
Secondly, my favorite! The Cut-out Wings Embellished Blue Dress, which was  €32.24.
Cut-out Wings Embellished Blue Dress
The cut-out is nice, no scruffiness to be seen there!
This material is tons better too, it’s synthetic but the heavy kind. It weighs down really nicely as you slip it on! I love that!
The wings are nice ‘n’ plump!
Cut-out Wings Embellished Blue Dress
And even the seams are lovely.
So all in all the quality is a hit or miss, you can’t see any detail on the product shots either so it’s a Google and guess situation!
And considering the order took a whole month to arrive when it was supposed to take 5-15 business days it’s sort of a double dissapointment in a way.
A friend of mine placed an order at about the same time and hers arrived way too late as well, she describes her dress as decent quality if you don’t get up too close.
Short version!
If you plan on ordering you might want to: check Google for pictures of actual people wearing your goodies first, don’t expect your package to arrive in time, and check online for coupons because they have tons rolling 24/7! I Googled “Romwe coupon” and found one for 20% off instantly.
I’ll be twirling around in both of these within the week, might take some pictures if you want to see them on!
Have a great weekend and may your Sunday rolls be especially yummy!!
~ Anouchka


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. I recently ordered that blue dress with the wings. It was on sale for around 20 dollars! The colour of the dress looks much deeper on the picture you posted though… I really hope it’s nice. :) waaaahhh

  2. Hello my dear,
    i like your choice..I had the chance to win a Romwe cat dress one month ago, and even if I ve it in L , I did n t enter in the dress..LOL
    Gave it to a friend!
    Have nice day!

    • I mentioned you in my new post, it was too good not to share! I had the exact same issue haha! It’s such a weird fit! It’s too tight on top, then the elastic can go super wide again, but the skirt is just as short.. O_o

  3. I just loved that winged dress. It’s a shame that the quality of the pieces is a bit unpredictable though.

  4. Yeah I would love to see pictures! They look cute but I’m sad it took so long to get to you!

  5. Hey Anouchka, I like those wings LOL I seldom buy clothes online, because there’s just no way of telling how they’d look on, and returning isn’t always free. Still, if the price is not bad it could be fun!

    • It’s so true! But then I see these cute dresses pop up on Facebook (happened with the cat one) and think ohhh.. we never have that kind of stuff here in stores, at least where I live right now. It’s all very normal here, so then I cave..! And then this happens!

  6. Great idea to google real people who wear the “must have”. Thanks! Mom’s friend accidentally ordered her wedding dress at a store in china too (she thought it’s an italian store, because it was named milano..something). She had to wait for 8 weeks and it came in bad condition. sum: she bought dress at H&M in last minute :o(

    • Awwh that must’ve been a giant bummer! Yeah I haven’t had any luck ordering from China honestly :/ it nearly always always arrives late. Not to mention that they don’t trust those packages at all in customs here so they just hang around there for aaages. -_-‘

      • That’s true, they ruined our complete christmas two years ago (not the chinese guys, the customs guys). The worst with the wedding dress was, that one of the guests wore the same, ok H&M is for all :o)

  7. I’m also expecting mail from Romwe. It is the first time I bought something from Romwe, hope it arrives on time!

  8. Nice review! I will wait patiently for you to model these two dresses… the fit is the real deciding factor for me! :D

  9. YAY for honest reviews! Can’t wait to see you in the stuff though :-)

    • I reaaally hate writing them though, feels like I have to check up on the writing all the time to see if i’m not nagging TOO much, you know! Thinking of a good place to photograph these here! I want to moove!

  10. That doesn’t sound too good. I’d be interested to see what you think of the clothes when wearing them

    ~ Amy

  11. I look forward to seeing your future posts of these outfits specially with the cute wings :D

  12. I thought you would return them by the way you are describing the product.

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