FOTD: Red For Strength!

Red represents energy, speed, strength and instinct over intellect – so as I didn’t sleep much: good coffee, red eyes and red lips today!
Double up on that power boost!

But yeah back to bare face first!
red eyes red lips
A first here would be to get rid of any dark patches present on my morning face, else the red will emphasize all that goodness.
red eyes red lips
Made sure to apply my heaviest concealer on the outer corner of my eyes and a natural pink flush on the cheeks to you know – not look sick.
red eyes red lips
Then you know I need my crazy brows…
red eyes red lips
Honeybee Gardens Geisha powder foundation under my brows and on the inner corner as a highlight.
red eyes red lips
Sugarpill! Love + went all over the lid, blended up and in toward the nose
red eyes red lips
Some burnt copper from the Sleek Sunset Palette on the outer corner and into the crease for more definition.
red eyes red lips
Lined my waterlines and top lashline with gel liner, then blended out the top with black and the bottom with that gold right there!
red eyes red lips
Going a little vampy with Stargazer’s Blood Red and a dark burgundy lip liner underneath, smudged the edges a little too for a more casual (?) effect..
red eyes red lips
Aaand when in doubt a nude gloss works too.
red eyes red lips
I kinda got a kick out of the the full on dark red scheme though!
Do you follow the heavy eyes – low key lips idea or just go full on sometimes as well?
~ Anouchka


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. I love it. Red eyeshadow is a tricky look to pull off, but you do it beautifully.

  2. lekker opvallend =) Daar hou ik van!

  3. Wauw wat een heftige look, maar het ziet je ziet er niet huilerig uit. Well done! :D

  4. I probably would have picked a different lip color, but I do see how it fits in the whole red theme. I looooove the eye make-up though. People always say red is a no-no, but this is the best proof that is a total do!

  5. It must be your incredibly dark eyes. You pull off reds so well. You always do.

  6. Love this look on you. I’m scared of red eyeshadow! Depending where I’m wearing a heavy eye, I adhere to the light lip. But I ALWAYS want to do a heavy eye and lip. I’m an all in kind of girl!

  7. Wow, wat een geweldige combo lady! Daredevil, maar wel wow.. You nailed it! Ik houd ervan, vooral toen je de Sleek oogschaduw over die van Sugerpill heen deed. Het kwam ineens meer alive. :) Stargazer. I WANT! <3

  8. Je wenkbrauwen vallen mij meteen op: mooi..! :-)

  9. I LOVE that lip color. I can never seem to find the perfect red because I like the deeper colors but don’t want it purple-y. :)

  10. If in doubt wear red! Just makes you feel great – and people respond to it. Highlights that expressive face of yours. Never thought of red on the eyes – but it works with your coloring.(Pale skin is good – and dramatic) And it can be festive for the holiday. Time to be brave as well as merry?

    • I’m drawn to people that wear red as well, just makes me buzz on over to the energy source. The holidays are perfect for brave stuff! It gets dark early too so there’s not thaaat much chance of the whole world seeing you screw up anyway. ;D

  11. Now I know what to do, if I switch genders, bleach my skin, and get a hangover. Thanks. :D

  12. Great! The lipstick is on the wishlist, this color is not just a color, it’s a statement!!!

  13. I love doing crazy eye make-up but very rarely crazy lips too or at all. I have a lovely brick red shade I like or a pretty pink shade but mostly I stick with nude lip gloss.

    I always worry that I’ll look too pale if I have bright lips so I tend to tone it down and focus on the eyes.

    ~ Amy

    ps. have you got any tips for interview make-up? I’ve got two coming up which is pretty exciting and I want to be ready and look great!

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