Jump Scare Gaming

AKA Hippo getting legitimately pissed at me for yelling across the room the entire time.
Sure we have a little tv area in our appartment – mostly because of the comfi couch- but the PC is where it’s at.
Hippo’s been on Counterstrike a lot and i’ve been heavily into horror games again! Which makes him miss head shots.. >_<'
Here's some titles I played this week.



Picturesque survival horror set in a lovely asylum environment,
Riddled with dark corridors,
Including plenty of gore, mutilated people turned monsters and crazy doctors.
What more do you need really. These images just cracked me up:
Mount Massive Asylum is the place to be!
I’d give this game a steady 4/5.
Tons of jumpscares, details and background story make it one of the better horrors since Amnesia for sure in my opinion, though it was fairly easy and short!

Gone Home

An atmospheric dark adventure game i’d say? It’s described as an atmospheric horror online but I only got some goosebumps at the most!
You arrive back after a yearlong trip abroad only to find the house completely empty, up to you to find out what exactly happened.
Prepare to touch eeeverything – the game was made to satisfy all your curious needs.
I played this one in anticipation of The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter, which also got the atmospheric horror description – it looks so breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL!
Can’t wait until that one releases.
Meanwhile Gone Home is a 1/5 for me.
The atmosphere was there but soo little story and it was done in about an hour! How can that be worth 20 euros?
It’s not as if the scenery deserves to be stared at for hours either I feel…

Alan Wake

alan wake
Secret Window meets Silent Hill? In fact, this game is described as “the new Silent Hill” across the web..
Comparing games to a classic title is so dangerous and it might be why I was so dissapointed in this one.
I guess it’s a 2/5!
The setting was gorgeous and creepy for sure. But overall the story felt cheesy and the camera was just so awkward!
So awkward that I still have to finish the game and am not looking forward to the constant twerking!
Stop twerking Alan! Alan!



GOD (wait that’s probably not the right term here) this game is evil!! And what’s even weirder, you’re the evil one!
Awww so cuuute..
Yea NO. Children add a whole new level of scary to games, much like pigs. Evil pigs.
4/5 for this one, the gameplay is a bit stiff but there’s a whole lot of expert satanic trickery going on.
Overall the eerie horrors with soulless characters rather than a lot of gore are the ones that really make me develop instant insomnia.
Which is exactly why I can’t wait for Dreadout:
Why. Why do I play these things. I know I can’t handle them.
Do you have the same odd fetish situation going on with horror movies, games, anything?
They feel so good but melt your face so bad!
~ Anouchka


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. I know you posted this a while ago, but have you played the kinda-new Outlast: Whistleblower? :) ‘Cause it’s awesomely terrifying.

    • YES that stuff was scary. Especially cause you get thrown into the game, smack dab in the middle of creeps.. because it’s dlc so you’re “used” to it by now. D: Man I yelled.

  2. dit vind ik best wel.. creepy as fck.. XD

  3. Ooooo I LOVE Outlast! It’s soo much fun!

    ~ Amy

  4. Wow girl, your into some creepy game-age! You and my son Alex would be fast friends as he knows games – all the games and has racks of them. I see someone ate some greasy health food there aye? Umm, I just had a piece of pizza for breakfast. heh…

  5. last ‘horror’ film I watched I fell asleep sadly I find most of them so interested in trying to gross people out with the amount of CGI graphic gore they forget that an actual storyline is required

    • YES! Exactly! It’s not about the random gore, what makes my hair really stand up straight is the eerie stories behind it. What the creatures are and what the history of the scenery is!

  6. Can’t even watch scary movies in this house :(

    • Oh you live in one of those houses huh! >_< I'm glad to be living in an appartment now with my bulky landlord just a floor down. And without Hippo here I wouldn't even think about playing them either. I'm just convinced that monsters doing their thing through the stereo will somehow attract the same kind irl.

  7. The picture of Lucius on the trike looks like the hallway of the overlook hotel in shining LOL

  8. that make your hair stand or thrill in eh! ;)

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