10 Chopstick Hairstyles

I was just wildly flattered that someone actually asked for more chopstick hairstyles so here we go!
chopstick hair tutorial

There’s no end to what you can do with some random sticks!
Apparently I have a mullet going on which I had absolutely no idea about, gorgeous!!
Excuse me while I get a shiny track suit and a headband.
Have a great Monday, 11 more days and it’s Halloweeeen! I actually got an assignment for that today, it involves a Chuckie, a creepy porcelain doll and.. a bad ass wounded man!
So excited to make those people transform into other characters! It’ll be a first – ICK!
~ Anouchka


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Awesome! :D I looove the Grace Kelly roll! <3 XX

  2. I love this video. You have the cutest way of explaining things. Now that my hair is shorter, I’m on the lookout for funky hairstyles that work with my new ‘do. These are just perfect!

  3. Very cute and all, but this just never works for me. My hair is very fine and thin and slippery I guess, because chopsticks just slide out. I mean, even regular hair accessories slide out :-S

  4. I have tons of chopsticks in different colors and designs! I used to wear them ALL the time but when I moved I packed them away. I’m so happy you made this post! I am going to go find them immediately!

  5. Whut.. hoe.. eh.. BAAS! Damn, kijk jou nou een pro zijn met chopsticks. :D Hands down lady! Wat knap zeg, maar ook het gaat je zo gemakkelijk af. 10 verschillende manieren voor je haar te stijlen met chopsticks, wauw. :) Het ziet er ook zo leuk uit!

  6. I need to stop eating with my chopsticks and start creating awesome hairdos like these! Love the blog!

  7. Leuk om te zien wat er allemaal mogelijk is! Helaas zijn mijn haren er te kort voor :-(

  8. I used to wear chopsticks in college with my very long hair wrapped up for painting studio. So easy. We used to stick in feathers and such, too. And search junk/antique stores for old hat pins. And we didn’t care what anyone thought. Oh were we cool. HA HA
    Can’t wait to see your creepy assignments

  9. Thanks for this great ideas. I think I will wear chopsticks for halloween, maybe with some small skulls :o)

    • Awww with some skuuulls :p that actually sounds really fun. I saw some in a gothic store here with little red gems hanging from them, it was supposed to look like little drops of blood! They had chokers like that as well.

  10. Ooooo love that first one! ^_^

    ~ Amy

  11. Dit deed ik vroeger altijd! Heb het nu al lang niet meer gedaan maar het begint weer te kriebelen! Ik ga het weer doen :D

  12. Not enough hair to try that with but the options look wonderful. Ooh, do hope you’ll show us picks of your icky creations!

  13. I recently cut my hair shorter, but when I had long hair I used chopsticks or pencils for a quick updo. I’ve even used tree twigs in a pinch!

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