Giveaway: Urban Jungle Palette

Time to finally set up a dating service for this wintery palette I received from Nonpareil a while back!
urban jungle smokey eye
I hope those the two looks I did with it somehow inspired you because I want to hear:
1) What pumps your energy levels right up after a cold or long day?
2) What’s your favorite hot beverage?
3) Let me know where to contact you if you win!
4) For an extra entry you can share this post on Facebook
One entry per person puh-lease! I’ll choose a winner randomly at the end of the giveaway.
It’ll run until the 8th of November!
Good luck and may Aphrodite be with you!
~ Anouchka


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. a glass of iced tea pumps me up.

  2. Kathleen Richardson

    1) What pumps your energy levels right up after a cold or long day? Playing with my kids. Whether its a water balloon fight or playing soccer together, we have a blast!

    2) What’s your favorite hot beverage? Green tea with honey!

    3) Let me know where to contact you if you win!

  3. a good laugh helps me destress and get my energy levels back a bit :). my favorite hot beverage is spiced apple cider. and the attached email works fine for a contact. hope i win!

  4. I put on Lady Gaga, that gets me goin’
    Hot Chocolate with brandy

  5. When I’ve had a long day, I energise myself with yoga. It calms my mind, stretches out the kinks from my muscles and gives me energy and positivity.
    My favourite hot beverage is oolong tea, preferably served in a gorgeous pot.
    My email address is
    This is an awesome contest! Good luck to everyone who enters.

  6. Hugging my boyfriend and my dog!! Best energizier ever. And I love hot chocolate…

    email: fanouria20(at)hotmail(dot)com

  7. 1) A buble bath and a good read)
    2) Hot chocolate, heavy and very sweet)
    3) email: redalepou(at)yahoo(dot)com

  8. I really really like your site. So i i follow, i follow you ;)
    Nice look!

  9. Not technically entering as I just won the other (still grinning) but thought I would give you my answers anyway so…

    1) get into my onesie and curl up on the sofa watching Doctor Who my pulse is soon racing lol

    2) At the minute Nescafe Double choca Mocha

    3) I think the easiest way would be Eurotunnel to London then train up to Leeds and the to huddersfield then you have my address so jump in a taxi lol

    4) of course I will then others can come have a go

    • Haha you can enter all you want but it’s kind of you to sit one out now. Gah are you excited about the Christmas special too? ICK! I’m curious about the new doctor… Buying a ticket to England now, see ya on Monday. x) I would move to England in a heartbeat though, not even kidding. :P

  10. 1. Mijn bedje met een warm kersepitje, veel dekens en een goed boek! <3
    2. Matcha met citroenmelisse. Of warme chocomelk :3
    3. Via mail of facebook of whatever ^^
    4. Okeej! Zal ik delen op mijn pagina bewust groener – omdattie cruelty free is!

    Prettig weekend! ^___^

  11. Als ik thuis kom, vind ik het heerlijk om lekker even met mijn vriend te knuffelen. Gewoon eventjes weg kruipen in zijn armen en ik kan weer verder, heerlijk!
    Mijn favoriete hete drankjes. Ik drink niet heel veel warme drankjes, maar als ik dan toch moet kiezen dan is het zelfgemaakte witte chocolademelk. Zooo lekker!!

  12. 1.Drumming and singing (if my voice is alright) in my car on my way home, then at home just rolling myself in a blankie together with a cherry pit pillow on the couch… with my laptop and Muse ;) Oh and then watching tv until I fall asleep on the couch and I don’t want to go to bed anymore… jup that’s my life :D and the whole process makes me feel comfy and happy, I love being in a warm blankie :D
    But the drumming in the car is the best :D

    2: I usually just drink tea… I love most kinds of tea though… But at the moment I’m a huge fan of that hot chocolate made with toblerone chocolate I recently drank <3

    3: You know where to find me ;) fb will do :p

    • Hahah you could have jumped right out of a chick flick. Drumming and singing in the car, and then rolling up into a blanket? D’aw. Cutie. :’)
      You seem head over heels about this hot chocolate. Tell me more. Where does one get one in Antwerp.

  13. I really like both of these looks and feel I could pull either of them off with my hazel eyes… they so appeal to the “nature” girl I am! If I had to pick one though, it would be the darker shades.

    Here’s the scoop:
    1) I love cooking and even baking (if it’s not too time consuming) comfort foods, getting the house warmed up and smelling awesome!
    2) Island Coconut Coffee.
    4) I’m not on FB, but I forwarded this post to family and friends via email.

    • This palette might as well be named the hazel eyes palette. It’s just perfect for lookers like that! I had to look that Island Coconut Coffee up – no clue what it was! A coffee with coconut flavor? Hmm now that I have to try.. so interesting. Thanks for putting me onto something completely new, is it only available in cups or?

  14. The second look is great, even Aphrodite would say: YES!
    1. a bath and an evening with the tv but without computer&phone
    2. strawberry tea (yes that sounds weird, but I love it)
    3. arttecforu AT aol DOT com

    • Aphrodite would say Yes! Hallelujur! Haha. :D Thank you! I wish I had a tuuuub! I used to love taking baths. Lush gave me a bath bomb when I applied for a job there and I ended up putting it on the floor of my shower to make the room smell nice. -_-‘

  15. 1) Pizza, blogs and tv shows! (preferably combined)

    2) My ABSOLUTE favorite is starbucks caramel hot chocolate, but since those contain more calories then I should be eating in a day, I only have it once or twice a year. For daily use, Apple tea with honey!

    3) Guuuurl you got my numba!

    4) Done!

  16. Gah, I love that palette! (on a side note, I tried the look with the green under the eyes and it looked sooooo amazing! My eyes are hazel so the green really worked well. My Mum tried her own version with a light brown on the lids and glittery bronze/orange shade under the eye, it was really pretty!) Anyway!

    1) Putting my pj’s on early, and snuggling under a blanket in front of the fire with one of my little piggies and the answer to question two.

    2) A frothy hot chocolate with cream, marshmallows, chocolate curls and a sprinkle of cinnamon. (I now have cravings!)

    3) Just leave me a message on the blog or email me

    ~ Amy

    ps. am sharing this on facebook ^_^

    • Ahh green sets off hazel so well, I bet it popped like crazy ^_^ i’ll have to try a glittery or shimmery orange/bronze onder the eyes this weekend. I’d imagine it’ll look warm and modern, a bit grungy even. Hmmmm your hot chocolate sounds just – I can’t even describe. Marshmellows, cream AND chocolate curls? Yummm… I love freshly whipped cream. It’s a real treat.

  17. 1) Ik hou ervan om thuis te komen, rust te zoeken in fijne muziek, kaarsjes aan te steken, lekker warm te douchen om mijzelf daarna op de bank te nestelen met de twee katten en eventueel mijn Lief.

    2) Anijsmelk! Maar dan wel gemaakt met amandelmelk. En anders Chai tea Latte, wel home made, dus ook alle kruiden zelf bij elkaar gezocht waar ik een eigen blend van heb gemaakt, dat maakt het wel zo speciaal!


    • Lief met hoofdletter whoa, nice ode to your dahling ;) haa n warme douche kan je echt even terug tot leven wekken he, zeker met n fijne kruidige douche gel vindik. I had no ideaaa dat er zoveel mensen van Chai tea hielden, super! Chai power!

  18. Wow, Nice palette.*_*
    1)stay with my little child
    2)hot chocolate with cream..a lot of cream

  19. The answers are one in the same coffee!You can reach me at kimmyyocum [at] gmail [dot]com

  20. Wow, I hadn’t seen that palette before! Ok here goes…
    1. Taking the new puppy outside for a little walk when I’m able :)
    2. Chai Tea Latte… or… White Mocha with marshmallow and coconut

    Fingers crossed! <3

    • Hmm chai tea.. now we’re talking! I saw a mix for that this week from Zonnatura. It was 6 euros for a jar though. -_-‘ But moths destroyed so many of my spices and I barely have anything left (handy for the move though) so I can’t make my own – I miss it so much. Think I might have to invest in a jar.

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