Catrice Liquid Metal

Ladies, meet internet. Internet, meet my new friends!
liquid metal swatches

Under Treasure
liquid metal swatches
liquid metal swatches
liquid metal swatches
Pale as the moon, gleams like Goldfinger!
Mauves Like Jagger
liquid metal swatches
liquid metal swatches
liquid metal swatches
Is just a totally minxy lady.
But then Gold n’ Roses..
liquid metal swatches
liquid metal swatches
liquid metal swatches
She’s soft as a rose and shines like an amber.
liquid metal swatches
Here they are swatched in the daylight – excuse the goosebumps, it was chilly in the doorway!
liquid metal swatches
Oh girls behave – don’t flash in public. Heehee.
Wore Gold n’ Rose on the inner corner today, with mauves Like Jagger on the lid itself, lower lashline and into the crease. I felt like that combo would appease Kittty Foo Foo.
liquid metal swatches

The Verdict

Foo Foo approves, 4/5.
These are powder eyeshadows, they do a pretty good job imitating molten metal though I think.
Gold n’ Roses is the crumbliest of these shadows and can look chunky when layered – the two other ones are like butta!
They don’t stay put without a primer, then again no shadow does on my lids anyway – for €3.99 they’re purrfect.
I was secretly sold on these already already because of swatches on Dutch blogs all over!
Monday morning zombies unite! Is anyone watching the Walking Dead premiere tonight? Aaaaa!
Have a great week!
~ Anouchka


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. ik heb ook een aantal kleuren, ze zijn geweldig!

  2. Wat een mooie kleurtje :D
    En je shirt is zo fabulous, haha xD

  3. You look fab as always – the colors are super cool! But…THAT SHIRT. There aren’t even words to convey my love for it!

  4. Echt geweldig mooi pigment hebben die catrice oogschaduws, wauw. En je kattenshirt is echt ge-wel-dig! :D

  5. Those shadows are so gorgeous. I think mauves like jagger is my favourite of the bunch.
    Also, I can’t stop giggling about your tee shirt. She’s sensational.

  6. Rofl, ik moest lachen om de Kitty. xD Helemaal bij de close-up, priceless. :’) Oh my god, de liquid oogschaduws van Catrice zijn echte plaatjes. Ze zijn vloeibaar toch, althans voor wat ze vloeibaar noemen. Voelen ze dan ook nat aan als je ze hebt aangebracht? Of dat niet? :o Gorgeous tinten ook!

  7. Girl, your t-shirt… :-) Love the pigmentation of this eyeshadow, I am quite impressed!

  8. Oeh la la, wat een prachtige kleuren :-)

  9. Kitty!!! :D
    Hehe, mooie kleurtjes, shiny!

  10. Your colour scheme goes so well with the cat :D

  11. Those colours are just gorgeous. My Mum just bought me a brown/gold/bronze/cream,/reflective bits ‘cosmic eye shadow’ which gives a very similar effect. I like to use a glitter or shimmer eyeliner with it which looks really pretty!

    ~ Amy

    • That reflective bits just rounded off your description perfectly heehee! Cosmic eye shadow, is that one with different patches of color in it? I’ve been eyeballing shadows like that! >_< And then we're in the same moood ^_^ I just got some new glitter liners, my other ones were 4 years old, totally having fun with those!

  12. The verdict: fabulous! You’re awesome :D and they are fabulous!

  13. They’re sooo pretty! I always find myself attracted to these kinds of eye shadows but haven’t found a really good one yet, so thanks for the verdict!

    • The Gold n’ Roses is a bit tricky but the other two might be totally you then. I’ve been grabbing for shades like these a lot as well lately, they’re so handy and just flattering 24/7!

  14. hahah je shirt, love it!
    En wat een prachtige pigmentatie hebben die oogschaduws! NICE!

  15. I love the names of these!! So cool! Those are stunning!

  16. No flashing? The new background really grabs ya!

    • Thanks for the feedback John! I was sort of… randomly guessing with this one. Hoping it’d be good. I liked it but not sure whether it’d be fit for a blog. The flashing thing was meant as a little joke – you know when girls pull up their shirts? Yeah – classy stuff like that. ;D

  17. Fabulous is the word! Even in the containers the shades look like tiny abstract paintings. (and that cute shirt!)

  18. OOO you know what these remind me of? Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill! I mean these are pressed, but the mixture of colors in each shade and the metallic finish are somehow similar. Love your look! AND THAT TOP? CAN I HAVE IT PLEASE??? LOL

    • Now that you mention it, yeah! I think they did a pretty awesome job on creating wearable sort of chic tones in these as well. A browny taupe would’ve been neat too. Fingers crossed that’ll join the party soon. ^_^
      Also Foo Foo told me to say she is pleased with your response to her picture *insert smirk*

  19. prachtige kleuren, love je shirt

  20. je shirt is aweeeesome! en de kleuren zijn ook pretty

  21. Is this a new makeup color ?:)

  22. That cat shirt made me smile and laugh! Thanks, I needed that! :)

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