How To Apply Those Lashes!

Good day to you, lad or lass!
A while back I made a post on the different types of lashes and how they rate on the frustration scale. But since Paula is having an issue with conniving lashes at the moment I thought i’d do a video on it as well!
fake lashes before after

Lashes possess the magical ability to make eyes look proportional – bigger and even elongated, no matter the age or eye shape.
Here’s some proof for ya!
My eyes are uneven because an overexited dog got hold of the left brow when I was little, but the false lashes are doing their thing! I feel as though they cover up the saggy area and provide some shade which visually pushes back that loose skin to create a “socket”!
I hope the video is enjoyable, excuse the creased shadow! ;D
Everyone that has work tomorrow, let’s face it together and:
Expect problems and eat them for breakfast.
Alfred A. Montapert
Pretty wicked quote to start the day tomorrow.
~ Anouchka


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. One of the most beautiful looks I’ve ever seen!!

  2. wat een leuk en duidelijke filmpje

  3. Enchanting. Prachtig om te zien hoe je die bad boys erop plakt, alsof het niks is! Bij mij ging dat wel anders (toen met onze drag look!) en sindsdien heb ik het niet meer geprobeerd, haha :P toch maar weer eens proberen want het is echt prachtig!

    • Maar dat was jouw eerste keer toch? Met false eyelashes? Ik kreeg ze dr zelfs niet op de eerste keer. Een kant ja, en de andere dacht ik LAAT AL MAAR. Go go moar lashes :D

  4. Very helpful! I still think fake lashes are a pain in the bee you tee tee though.

  5. Wat een super leuk en duidelijk filmpje is het geworden! Het resultaat is ook heel erg mooi! Welke nepwimpers en lijm heb je hiervoor gebruikt? :D

  6. Wow wat breng je ze super snel en handig aan.. dat doe ik je niet na ;-) ik ben de laatste tijd ook met falsies aan het oefenen. Ze geven zo’n mooie oogopslag. Je look vind ik ook gorgeous, de kleuren staan heel mooi bij je bruine kijkers!

    • Ja precies! :D Lisa Eldridge zei het mooi, dr bestaat geen enkele liner of oogschaduw die zo snel je ogen kan doen veranderen als lashes. En een biiig thank you!

  7. Hey Anouchka, I LOVED this video! So sorry to hear you were bitten by a dog, but nobody’s face is completely symmetrical! I still don’t really see how your left eye is droopy to be honest! I find your tips super useful, especially the “have some patience” part. I usually panic and freak out when I have falsies in my hands that I end up making a mess! Next time I’ll try to do it all calm and chilled like you :)

    • Aw that made me feel warm and fuzzy Sunny haha – thanks. I guess nobody’s face is. A bit more symmetrical would be so much easier for make up though. Been looking into eyelid tape, they say it can even adjust your fold if you wear it long enough. Do you have any experience with it? If so, i’d love a tip! Never tried any before.

  8. Je Engels is zo freaking goed! Ik houd ervan hoe je praat, zo lekker rustig en variërend qua woorden, because Engels is verdomd moeilijk. Petje af! Je lashes zitten er prachtig op. Wat slim van je om hem aan de binnenkant meer door te trekken.. wauw! Zelf ben ik van de wimperstukjes, maar ook de langere variant. Alleen goddamn, ik weet nou nooit wanneer mijn lijm droog is. :”D

    • Amen sister lol! Wimperstukjes zijn a dream come truuuue, hoef je zelfs niet over na te denken! Plus het valt niet zo op als er eentje af ligt aan het eind van de avond, double win!

  9. ik vind het heel mooi staan. heb t ooit n keer geprobeerd maar was n drama destijds, mss weer ns n setje aanschaffen als ik dit zo zie;)

  10. Loving the quote! And you look absolutely gorgeous with lashes on (and off, may I say). I’m going to give them another go – as I tend to get one eye right and then completely ruin the other side, looking terribly lop sided. I wish you lived next door so you could apply for me! :)

  11. Best breakfast quote ever (and non fat!)
    Lashes make a difference. Makes the gorgeous eye shadow even more dramatic. (a bit too much for the dog walk today here though!)

    • It does take it to the next level instantly.. sometimes when watching make up tutorials on Youtube I think well that’s not that dramatic, but then *POOF* lashes happen and it’s 100% dreamy! Haha non fat indeed. Muscle breakfast. :’)

  12. Ik ben erover uit dat ik dit niet ga proberen, haha :P Hier heb ik toch geen geduld voor, maar ik vind het wel heel mooi!

  13. Wow! You made that look so easy! I’ll be putting some of those in my Sephora basket today! Thank you so much for the helpful tips!!!!

  14. My sister Jules and I just had a discussion about applying lashes yesterday! I’ll be forwarding your blog to her in just a minute, as I found this really helpful! And, Anouchka, you are always so encouraging and positive on your videos… you make me feel like I can tackle any makeup situation. I can’t wait to try lashes again soon, but this time with patience!

    • She’s called Jules? What a lovely name.. o_o I seem to adore names with a J… Jasmin… Jade… and now Jules too. Haha.
      Thanks for saying that! I really wanted to stress the fact that anyone can do it.

  15. Oh, ik ben echt een drama met nepwimpers…In het verleden één keer geprobeerd, maar het werd een fiasco. Gelukkig heb ik van mezelf vrij volle en lange wimpers. Je hebt trouwens een mooie ooglook gemaakt!

  16. WAUW! Je look is echt heel erg mooi! Staat je goed :) Ik vind het zelf heel moeilijk om nepwimpers aan te brengen

  17. Lashes are awesome! Extra dramatic effect BOOM! I Always thought the individual ones were the hardest though, I once tried them, long time ago, but I guess the glue wasn’t good or something… I remember them always going into wrong directions :D

    Never noticed the uneven eyes actually, bad doggy!

    • Haha it’s awkward when they droop to the wrong side. :’D These days I literally wait for the glue to dry almost completely and then pop them on. More like shitty owners, they didn’t care about that dog! No wonder it was aggressive! And it was a bar-dog even, he got in contact with tons of people but still couldn’t handle it!

  18. I never noticed your eyes at different levels and still don’t. Such a beautiful color on you Anouchka!

  19. Omigosh, I totally did that same eye shadow today! Thankfully I have pretty thick eyelashes because I am hopeless at applying these. The only time I’ve ever used them was silver spider ones for halloween and they looked pretty wonky.

    ~ Amy

    ps. Near the end of the month I am going to a gaming expo in cosplay as a female version of Mario with my little brother as Luigi and my friend Luke as a male version of Princess Peach. It’s going to be crazy fun but I have no idea how to do a slightly mario themed look. I can do red lips but it there any way to use red on your eyes without giving off a bloodshot, hardly slept vampire vibe?

  20. Thank you and it was very helpful especially as I thought the individual ones were harder to use I think I might pick some up while I am out shopping tomorrow and experiment :D

    • Awww you saw the post so fast! Thanks for keeping an eye out Paula. :D The individual ones are easy, but i’ve noticed letting the glue dry a bunch (almost completely) so that they latch on immediately really works best.

      • well I think I may have killed the free ones trying to change the glue strip on them (dead spider springs to mind looking at them) but I was so inspired I bought some more and I bought one of those cheap tweezer like applicator gadgets that are supposed to help you get them on and I ended up buying two new cheap and cheerful eyeshadow palettes while I was there so I think so new colour combinations may appear lol

      • Yes. They’re freaking creepy crumpled up haha. :P You got one of the bent tweezers? Lisa Eldridge said they work well.

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