Personal Update – Moving Syndrome

There’s a real moving trend going on in the blogosphere and I thought i’d just jump on that.
Hey, why not! I’m moving house in 3 months!
Where are we moving?
When are we moving?

Nah that’s not really how it went.
I didn’t have a say in this one, in fact neither of us did. It all feels extremely awkward at the moment.
Moving isn’t at all what I had in mind right now, as I don’t have my crap in order here yet – whatsoever! Pretty nerve-wracking.
Nevertheless moving back to Antwerp, essentially a place where both Hippo and I just feel comfortable, would’ve happened in the long run anyway.
It’s just happening at an.. extremely accelerated pace. No notice, it has to happen NAO.
Which is why we’ll be staying at an intermezzo location for a couple of months as well, until everything is settled.
I don’t regret living here in Kortrijk one bit – heck no. I learnt a new dialect (well I almost get it.. almost), worked hard, got a degree as make up artist and met new awesome people.. ^_^
But it’ll be good to be back in a place we feel comfortable hopping around.
Off the top of my head the things I missed most are
Having a drink at a cosy café
Arisanal pineapple ice cream
The thrift, retro and gothic shops!
Those darned medieval bricks I used to break my neck on
Yes! That’s the biggest one of all.
Coffee tastes a million times better with mom as midnight cheese snacking does with my grandpa.
Anyway, I felt like a personal update might be nice, kudos to you if you read the entire thing. ;D
I’ll be busy these next 3 months but that doesn’t mean blogging is off, it keeps my mind in creative-mode and i’ll need that LOL.
Should I do moving updates or move related posts? Would you like to see the appartment empty? Let me know!
Maybe watching Matilda again would be good. Take some notes on telekinesis.
Would sure help the move!
Meanwhile this mouse is just the perfect inspiration right? ;D Have a great Sunday!!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Hi Anouchka – I think moving updates would be great! I am trying to catch up with my favorite blogs, as an inhumane schedule at work (self-employed) and shoulder injury have me so out of the loop and I miss it so much! So look forward to lots of comments from me! Your self proclaimed biggest fan!. Miss you.

    • I’m so happy to hear from you! I figured something must be wrong with my Bloglovin’ as a wasn’t seeing any posts! I’m just glad to hear you’re okay ^_^ but what’s up with your shoulder? That sucks, as a self-employed person you can’t afford to take time off can you, especially where you live. :/

      • Ah I probably could. Too many project deadlines this fall though. And you know how they say, you are your own worse boss! At any other job I would have complained but self employed I forgot to watch my bad shoulder and ended up straining it with too many hours and stress. Will not do that again. :)

  2. het klinkt misschien heel raar maar ik vindt verhuizen heel leuk, vooral het sjouwen (kan ik ff laten zien dat ik spierkracht heb, hahah). Wens je veel succes met verhuizen, ik ben wel benieuwd naar het(lege) appartement

  3. Moving can be the pits – but it sounds like it will also be exciting! I would love updates on how it’s going for you. I’m still unpacking boxes from my move this summer (mostly because I’m lazy and look for every excuse in the book to not stay home and unpack). Good luck in the process!!

  4. Good luck with moving! Good news is we can hang out ;)
    I hope packing and all that stuff will go well, and you know, blogposts about moving can’t be bad right?
    A house, apartment or anything should feel like a home and comfortable. It’s Always nice to be able to come back to a same, comfortable and warm bed and being close to family

    Make the world your home!
    Or something like that ;)

  5. Moving SUCKS, lol, so I wish you lots of luck and I hope it all goes smoothly!

  6. I really feel for you. I hate moving! It’s such a stressful activity. I hope that it all goes well for you. When you’re feeling stressed out, just think of how great it will be once you’re all settled into your new place. Good Luck!

    • You’re moving, i’m moving, etc, we’re all moving! I’m happy to be blogging at this point, knowing that i’m not alone with this. I’m keeping that settling-in time in mind and trying to ignore all the rest.. :P

  7. Bleh, I feel for you. Having to move NAO does not sound nice at all :( I’d like updates on the moving by the way! Bring it :D

  8. Good luck with the move and good luck in Antwerp!

  9. Gaaf!! Heel veel succes!! :D Hou ons op de hoogte!

  10. Hey Anouchka, ooo you’re moving back to Antwerp! Moving is a pretty nerve-wrecking experience, but it sounds like Antwerp is your home, so it’ll be worth it in the long run! Good luck with everything and YES I want to see pictures!

  11. Ik zou het leuk vinden om updates te lezen!

  12. Oddly, we are discussing moving too! It won’t be until after Christmas but we have come into a bit of money so are hoping to finally move to a house that is big enough for us! Meaning everyone might finally have their own room! Hooray! Lol

    Moving is tough. I’d love to see a few things actually to help us plan for our move! These are just some ideas!

    – What you pack in your first box to be opened when you get there.
    – What is in your travel/moving day make-up bag
    – What the new place looks like of course!
    – Some simple, moving day outfits. One’s that allow for movement but still look good!

    You are moving a lot further than we plan to. We are planning to stay sort of within 10 miles ish, for schools and work purposes. I think you are so brave to be doing it!

    Good luck with everything, and remember, it all happens for a reason!

    ~ Amy

    • That’s true for sure, i’m keeping that in mind! It should be way more relaxed in about a year. Thank you for the ideas ^_^ you always inspire me.
      Living closer to school and work must also be a LOT more relaxing. It really saves a lot of grumpy if you’re in the right environment. >_<

  13. The good news is you are moving…the bad news, you are moving….and packing…and moving. Hope it all goes smooth ( watch the bricks, they’ve missed you, too)

    • Haha yeah those are the feelings right now. Good but bad.. but good. I’ll say a little prayer before crossing those things on heels for the first time in three years again.

  14. I hope it all goes smoothly!

  15. I would love to see the new digs, the empty old digs, and anything that you find interesting along the way. It all helps me to know and understand your way of life better… and these are all things I love about you – even though we are thousands of miles from each other, I feel I know you well!

    Enjoy the adventure of the move… nothing at all to dread about change!

    • Aww you’re always so sweet with your words! >_< I'd love to update the blog with that, it'll help me process the whole thing better as well. It's no doubt intimidating but very exciting as well yesss indeed.. :)

  16. Oh man I pity you!! We are still dealing with the remnants of the move. It never seems to end. May this go very smoothly for you both. Yes, I’d love to see photos of the empty apartment or anything else! Photography enhances a blog and draws new visitors/followers. Maybe you can start a page just for scenery around Antwerp? Good to hear from you Anouchka, I was wondering what happened. Be well!! :)

    • Moving never seems to go smooth, you can only plan it to the best of your abilities but oohh there’s bound to be trouble ahead. And here in Belgium it’s not even as far away and daunting as what you did John, it’s only a one hour ride. Still scary. I can’t wait to get into a place of our own again and not looking forward to moving in with others for a while, same situation as you had to do basically with an intermezzo period. Ah well. Thanks for the well-wishing lol! And for dropping in!

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